Tips on How to Go Big with Your Small Yard

The size of the yard doesn’t matter – it’s all about utilizing every square inch of that space to the best of your creative abilities. It’s all about practical ideas that can give your small yard the aesthetically pleasing edge. However, if you feel as if you are lacking in the creativity department, here are some tips on how to go big with your small yard.

Don’t minimize
One of the rookie mistakes of trying to maximize the appearance of a yard is undersizing the width and length of pavement surfaces. In order to compensate for a smaller backyard, many people decide to solve this issue by miniaturizing everything and stuffing the square footage with elements to achieve a fuller effect. Suffice to say, this will actually create a counter effect and make your yard look even smaller, cluttered and downright ridiculous. Remember, the best solution for a small yard is adding fewer elements and going big with each of them.

Pergolas are a good solution

If you live in Sydney, chances are you’ll want reliable protection from the summer heat. To achieve the stylish shade with a “luxurious” appearance, pergola can be the best solution for your small yard. In fact, such elements are a well-known and appreciated fix among professional landscapers for smaller yards. They lend the feeling of grandeur to any sort of outdoor space, and if you use cross-sectioned thin wood that will add an easy see-through effect, you’ll have a perfect space for an outdoor meal, tea, or simply a perfect den for socialization.
Greenery is your ally

Every yard is a garden in disguise and if you have a small outdoor space on your hands, this ubiquitous greenery can actually be your ally in making it feel big. If you don’t have a green thumb and cannot make heads or tails of where to begin, you should probably seek landscaping services in Sydney to help you out. If finances are not the issue, they can provide you with a customized appearance of the garden that is perfectly fashioned to the space you own.
Blur the lines with plant life
If you aren’t exactly eager to leave the aesthetic destiny of your yard in the hands of strangers, remember to begin your gardening setup in the corners of your yard. The best way greenery can help is to “conceal” the borders and oppressive lines of your small yard. Furthermore, in order to keep the plant life alive through all the seasons, temperature fluctuations and volatile weather, make sure you have done your research and purchased truly robust greenery.
Go wild with whatever makes you comfortable
In order to make your small yard appear larger, do not be ashamed to use cheap tactics to make it seem “glamorous”. After all, if your yard is pressed between neighboring spaces on a Sydney street, you can always erect a tall fence and make your small yard as private as you want. Feeling comfortable is the primary function of any backyard or front yard. If purchasing a few sculptures to adorn your outdoor corners can create a “living large” effect, you should go for it. The same goes for elements that include water.
Running water

Purchasing a fountain or two can truly make your yard appear bigger and more luxurious. Just make sure to follow the aforementioned advice of not compromising for size and go with as big a fountain as you can possibly get without compromising other yard elements. Fountains by the entry and seating points in your yard, especially when you add that calming sound of running water, create an irreplaceable outdoor effect. Your yard will not only appear bigger than it is, it will also have the atmosphere of a Zen oasis where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy a bit of me time.
The wide array of modern design choices gives you enough leeway to find the best possible look for your small yard. If you live in a household in the Sydney area, chances are you won’t exactly own a ranch worth of square footage, so make sure you utilize every nook and cranny of your backyard for the best possible effect. Even the tightest yard can look big with the right design choices.

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