DIY your way to an amazingly unique garden

There’s nothing better than spending your summer evenings soaking up the sun in the garden. Well, actually there is - spending those summer evenings soaking up the sun in your amazing and unique garden that is a joy to look at!

If you want your garden to look amazingly unique, so that you can get even more enjoyment out of it, you really need to put on your overalls and get down to some outdoor DIY. To get you started, here are some unique ideas for your garden:

Transform that Tree Stump

If you have any tree stumps in your garden, instead of going to the effort of digging it out, take a chainsaw and turn it into a unique garden sculpture. If that doesn’t float your boat why not hollow it out and use it as a planet filling it with lot s of pretty flowers? It’ll add a unique touch to the garden.

Paint Your statues

If you don’t already have one or two large garden statues in your yard, then what are you thinking? Go get some! Then, instead of simply placing them in the optimum position, make them even more unique and eye-catching by painting them in all manner of bright and interesting colors and patterns., That way they’ll be totally unique to your garden and totally in keeping with your own personal style.

Pretty Up Cinder Blocks

If you’re looking for an affordable way to section off areas of your garden, then cinder blocks do an excellent job, Just place them wherever to create a makeshift wall or partition then fill the holes in the center with pretty plants or flowers, To be totally unique, don’t just lay them out in a straight line, get creative and shape them like a dinosaur, flower or peace sign, for example.

Put those Old Wine Boxes to Good Use

Have old wine boxes doing nothing, sand them down, give them a wash of paint so that they have that shabby chic look and then plant your garden herbs in them, for a fun, portable way of displaying your plants.

Make a Mosaic

Is your garden path just like every other garden path - gray and boring? Give it a new lease of life by buying lots of mosaic tiles or marbles and lining it with their beautiful colors and patterns that glint in the sunlight and turn your path into a pretty rainbow.

Fashion Your Own Bird Boxes

Bird bring joy, color, and life to the garden. You can easily spend an entire afternoon watching them frolic and play, and that’s why you should encourage them to come on other by creating your own basic garden bird box. Paint it with your own designs to add an extra point of interest.

Make Your Own Garden Mushrooms

Red and white toadstools, pink and green fungi - the sky’s the limit when you use a mushroom-shaped mold and regular old concrete to create your own truly magical mushrooms to decorate the garden with. They look fantastic.

Do you have any great DIY garden ideas that increase the uniqueness of the space? Please do share them.

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