The perfect garden for the non gardener

While it is everybody’s dream to have a house with a big garden, it doesn’t make you the ideal gardener. In fact, there are a lot of people who still want a big garden without desperately dreaming of planting new flowers and vegetables every spring. Having a garden means that you can have additional living space outside of your actual home building. Contrary to what the common belief is, it doesn’t mean that you should love gardening. There is no shame in not enjoying garden landscaping and veg harvesting, and you shouldn’t feel inadequate if you don’t enjoy looking after your garden. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the most of your outdoors. There are plenty of ideas for non-gardeners to create their perfect garden, and it doesn’t even involve getting your hands muddy!

Why a garden is not for you
First of all, a garden needs a lot of care and maintenance to look its best. While some people enjoy gardening during the weekend, if you hate it, it’s likely that every minute spent in your garden will feel like a waste of your time. You can, of course, decide to apply time-saving approaches to keep your garden in shape while you’re looking for a professional gardener to work in it. Protecting your lawn, flower beds and veg patch against the weather is a good idea to minimize the amount of work you need to do. You can also keep your organic waste to turn them into compost so that you’re saving money and doing something positive for the environment. But if your dislike of gardening is that strong, you might still find that these little tips are asking for too much attention. It’s fine; not everybody has green thumbs.

No, you can’t let it grow
The first thing you need to remember about your garden is that, even if you choose not to look after it too frequently, you shouldn’t let it grow. Indeed, while there are still some cute and quirky overgrown gardens in the press – there’s the story of a house entirely hidden by its garden that has been sold at a high price in London – ultimately, leaving your garden to itself might have dramatic consequences. For a start, the water can’t infiltrate the soil in an overgrown garden, which means that you might have to face the risk of heavy flooding during rainy days. Additionally, high trees and climbing vegetation might put the structure of your house at risk. You may not want to do your garden, but you probably don’t want to move out either!

It can be a smart move to invest and install plants that need minimal care so that they will offer longevity, and you won’t need to keep watering or care for them. Palm trees are a great example of a plant that doesn’t need much attention. If you are wondering What Makes Palm Trees Strong? it is their incredibly thick trunk. This will ensure the palm tree isn’t damaged by adverse weather, and you can enjoy it year-round. 

Extend the house to reduce the garden

With the right building permit, you could choose home improvement projects that will change your garden. For example, adding a conservatory to your home can let you build onto the garden and make sure that you’ve got less to look after in your outdoors. However, as a general rule of the thumb, conservatories are designed to let the light in and provide the feeling of sitting with and among nature. In other words, you can’t replace the garden by a conservatory; you need to maintain some greenness too! But there’s nothing that a lawn and a handful of trees or bushes can’t do! And, if you can't fit in a full-sized conservatory, you could consider something like these prefab office sheds to provide some additional living space and a quiet, separate space for someone to work without the distractions of the house. 

Turn your garden into an entertainment center
What if you want to give your garden a different purpose? It doesn’t have to be green to invite you to go outside. You could choose to add a large trampoline, which will keep everyone interested in the garden without forcing you to add colorful potted flowers everywhere. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not plan for a pool to be built? However, remember that pools need to be maintained too. But, you’re in luck, there are experts like ABC Home & Commercial to look after your pool regularly. You will need to make sure that the pool is covered when you’re not using it so that the water can stay clean. But it’s still more fun than mowing your lawn every month!

Create a stone living room
Finally, if your garden is in a sunny spot, you could turn it into a modern and minimalist scenery by creating a concrete seating gallery. Concrete seats are an elegant and inviting addition to any garden, especially if you pair them with a fire pit to keep your guests warm during the fresh nights of spring and fall. All you need to make it work is to keep a few green bushes and easy maintenance plants to surround your seating areas so that your urban garden keeps its natural look.

From a conservatory to a stone living room, you can transform your garden into anything you like to reduce your gardening efforts.

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