Winter is here: mid season care for your home

Winter has well and truly settled in now, and we are all starting to look forward to the days slowly getting a little longer and the temperatures beginning to rise, however slowly. Before winter properly set in, some people like to do some pre-winter checks to ensure that their home is in a good state of repair before the colder temperatures hit. However, if you had other things on your plate, or where too busy planning your cosy nights in, then you may have neglected to do these checks a few months back. Not to worry. There’s no time like the present, and much of the work that may be required will rely on the milder weather that is just around the corner. Below are the major places you should check over to ensure that your home is completely weather-proof.

Windows and Doors
Most people don’t realise this, but your windows and doors are usually where all the cold air comes into your house. Gaps in the seals or outdated double glazing can allow cold air into your home which then drops the floor (as the cold air from outside is much denser than the warm air inside your home) causing a convection current. The cold air literally pushes the warm air upwards in your house, leaving the lower floors feeling decidedly chilly. If you live in a particularly cold area, you may benefit from triple glazing, which - though more expensive than double glazing - is far superior in terms of both heat and sound insulation.

Obviously, there will be insulation within the walls of most properties that is sealed. However, as we all know, heat rises. When it gets to the roof of your property you want to keep it inside. Poor insulation allows all that hot air that you paid for to simply vanish off into the night. Old insulation can deteriorate and become ineffective, consider replacing your current insulation with something high-quality that will stop the hot air from passing through the ceiling and up to the cold tiles. You may lose out on some storage space in the attic, but you will gain a huge amount of energy efficiency which will decrease your monthly bills.

Your roof is your last line of defence for heat escaping from your home, and your first line of defence for keeping the elements out. If you live in a particularly cold or wet area, then you will definitely need to keep your roof in excellent condition. Ice Damming, torrential downpours, and strong winds can all damage the structural integrity of your roof, leaving your home at risk of water damage and high energy bills.

Hopefully, your home is already protected from the elements and is well insulated to keep that precious heat in. However, the worst of winter has definitely arrived, and that can bring damage to your property. Take some time to ensure that your home is free from damage and help to keep your bills as low as possible.

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