3 essential ingredients for a cozy night in

In only a few weeks time, fall will slip away, and winter will hold us in its icy clutches once again. During the short days and the seemingly never-ending nights, it can feel that winter has very little going for it-- but there are a few upsides.

There’s Christmas; a riot of excitement, gift-giving, and essential time spent with families. Then there’s New Year; the biggest party night of the year, and it’s always refreshing to move into a new year that’s full of possibilities. Then, outside of the big events, there’s the classic winter pastime: a cozy night in.

When the weather outside is frightful, curling up inside can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world. If you want to ensure the winter ahead is full of delightful evenings just like this, then there’s three ingredients you’re going to need to introduce to your home.

Warmth For Winter

There are various ways to upgrade your home, but few upgrades are quite as essential as the method you use for warming your house. First and foremost, there’s a health consideration; living in a house that’s too cold can leave you vulnerable, weakening your immune system so you are more susceptible to the dreaded winter coughs and colds.

If you want to achieve maximum ‘cozy’, then you’re going to have to ensure your heating system is on point. If your current method of heating your home isn’t working as it should, or is long due an upgrade, then take the time to view www.HarsterHeating.com to explore your options. A good heating system will allow you cozy nights to be warm and comfortable, giving you a nice contrast to the cold outside.

For further warmth, and the ‘hygge’ we’re all meant to love, invest in a few nice throws or blankets too. This means you can keep your thermostat low, and get that lovely ‘snug as a bug’ feeling.

Delicious Hot Beverages

A hot drink on a cold day is an essential; the more indulgent, the better. Hot chocolate is the perfect winter warmer; add a little extra innovation to your usual mug with one of the options on www.Buzzfeed.com. You could even consider investing in a pod hot beverage machine, so you can have the frothy, delightful drink of your choice with the press of a button.

If you’re not a fan of hot chocolate, then how about a herbal tea? Orange and strawberry teas are delightfully indulgent, or if you’re in need of extra sweetness, you won’t be disappointed with rooibos tea. These might not be     quite as indulgent as a hot chocolate, but they are lower in calories, which means you can enjoy them night after night!

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is a necessity for a cozy night in; you want the lighting to be sufficient to allow you to see everything clearly, but not so bright as to be overwhelming.

You can achieve this by switching your ceiling light to a dimmer, meaning you can always control just how much light you have in the room. Alternatively, turn your TV into a crackling fireplace by playing one of the videos on www.YouTube.com that provide the real-fire effect without the hassle.

As you can see from the above, winter does have its upside if you make a few home tweaks!

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