From Dilapidated to renovated: spruce up your home

Age can be unkind on everything. That goes not only for us as human beings but the homes in which we live. Whilst you may have fond memories of your humble abode, it probably doesn’t look anything like the house you first saw when you moved in (whether that was 1 year ago or 10 years ago). It’s hard to keep a home in good condition. Even if you’re a conscientious and clean person, it’s all too easy for your possessions to turn into clutter and that clutter to turn into a messy and ill-maintained home.

Still, not all is lost. Whether your home has been in a sorry state for a short while or many years, there’s always a way to bring it back from the dead. It comes down to the potential of your home, at the end of the day. If it was a spacious, clean, and refreshing property when you first moved into it then your household can look that way once again. It just takes a little hard work and determination. Here’s how to spruce up your home so that it transforms from dilapidated to beautifully renovated.

Clean and declutter.
First and foremost, you need to clean and declutter your house. Any home renovation begins by stripping a household back to its basics. You’ll find that the majority of problems in your house stem from excessive clutter, dirtiness, and worn-out furnishings or possessions. Your house might be old but it still has the same amount of space and potential as it did when you first moved in; you just have to remove all the junk in order to uncover that potential. Throw a yard sale to make money from all your unwanted but valuable items (the profits could go towards other household renovations) and throw away anything beyond repair.

Of course, if your home has a long-suffering problem with cleanliness then other problems might arise to which you must attend. Mice and insects can be attracted by food and other waste in your home so you might want to look into professionals such as Natura Pest Control to provide a helping hand with ridding your home of pests. Sometimes, the DIY approach isn’t enough and expert help might be needed for more serious problems with your home. The key is to address the heart of the problem. If your home is untidy because you’re a hoarder then you need to declutter. If your home is cluttered because your family is big and owns a lot of possessions then you need to think about smarter storage solutions (the floor is not a storage space for your stuff). If your home has problems with pests then you need to be cleaner in the future or it’ll happen again.

Come up with storage solutions.
In the paragraph above, we mentioned the importance of storing things effectively in order to make your home tidier. Still, you might be at a loss as to how you could possibly improve your use of the space available in your home. You don’t need to start cramming things into every nook and cranny; take a deep breath and think about the unused potential within your house. If you followed the advice in the first point then you might have thrown out all your excess possessions and opened up more room in your home but you’ll probably find that the remaining possessions (the essentials that you can’t throw away) are still cluttering up the place. That’ll happen in a family home; you have kids and the number of toys and sentimental items grows endlessly.

Putting up new shelving units is a smart way to improve the storage space in any room of the house. If your kid’s running out of room for all their toys then put up a few new shelves on their walls to give them more space to store all their things. That way, you don’t have to nag at them for leaving things on the floor. If you’re running out of places to store all your crockery in the kitchen then you could put up a few more shelving units in there too. You could even store your bin in a pull-out cabinet. The goal is minimalism; you want to make sure you store all the things you need in your home but give the illusion of a clean, spacious, and open household. You can use space under stairs and beds as additional storage spaces. Get creative.

Spruce up the bedroom.
This might seem like a strange piece of advice but it’s important. You need to know that you can return to a cozy bed at the end of a long day. Simple acts such as making your bed every day will ensure that your bedroom looks a little less messy but you can do much more than this. You should opt for warm lighting so as to give your room an “inviting” aesthetic; swap harsh white lights for soft oranges. Candles can also do a lot to achieve this effect. And make sure you get a firm and supportive mattress because a welcoming appearance is only half of the equation when it comes to a cozy bedroom. You need your bed to be cozy on a practical level too.

Welcome mother nature indoors.
Plants, flowers, and other natural “ornaments” can do a lot to spruce up your home’s interior design. You should invite nature indoors if you want your dilapidated household to start looking a little more exotic and aesthetically appealing. On a practical level, plants also do a lot to improve air quality. They won’t just make your home look more vibrant and colorful but they’ll also make it feel more vibrant and refreshing too. You can move plants around the house frequently to switch up the aesthetic and to help them benefit from different positions in terms of light or heat. The point is that you should never let your home’s aesthetic become stale and constant. Think of new ways to improve the design from time to time. You don’t have to repaint the walls every few weeks; just buy some new plants when your old ones die.

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