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Winter is well and truly upon us, which means that feeling under the weather, and generally very miserable, is now par for the course. But, the common approaches to fixing our ills is to reach for prescription painkillers (as well as the Netflix remote), but what would you say if you could help combat disease by simply making sure you've got enough minerals in your diet? Are you one of those people that, as soon as you start to get sick, you feel the effects for days, if not weeks, on end? If so, it's time to start minimizing these horrible symptoms by getting a few vital minerals in your diet, and also cutting back on certain things.

Vitamin Deficiencies
While you need to increase your intake of vitamin C when you are feeling under the weather, are you actually deficient in some of the key vitamins that will help you to fight sickness better? The main vitamin deficiency that people have now is vitamin D. And while a lot of people think that they are taking an adequate amount of vitamin D through food and sunshine, in actual fact, around a billion people worldwide are deficient in the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D helps with so many things, but it increases your ability to fight infection, meeting you will recover from colds quicker. The general rule of thumb, when taking a vitamin D supplement, is that it needs to be 1000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight. So if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to be taking 4000 IU. And if you don't get adequate sunshine, you can feel the benefits when you've spent a bit of time outside, that's the magic of vitamin D!

What Suppresses Your Immune System?
Although we feel that we are struggling to fight our colds, the fact is we are more than likely still consuming all the hallmarks of a terrible diet, so it's no surprise we don't start to feel better sooner! You need to think about what actually suppresses your immune system in this sense, and these are the usual culprits, sugar, wheat or gluten, or even milk might affect your immune system. It's best to check exactly what you are intolerant to because this won't help you feel any better when trying to fight any form of infection. And on the topic of the immune system, you may think that antibiotics give you the tools you need to find a major infection, which is true, but over time, it does the opposite effect. So, the next time you think you need antibiotics, think twice!

The Base Minerals
There are various minerals that we may not benefit from, especially if we don't eat a balanced diet. Issues like iron deficiency are very common, and as you need iron to help keep oxygen in your cells as well as keep your blood flowing, you can get iron from sources like nuts, fish, and spinach. But also you can benefit from procedures like IV therapy if you are extremely deficient in these minerals. This is a quick fix, but it should hit the point home that you need a balanced diet in order to get all of the relevant minerals into your body. If you feel any symptoms like muscle cramps, or even dizziness or tiredness, you may want to check your mineral levels, to make sure you have enough potassium, magnesium, and calcium in your diet.

By tackling these three areas, it shouldn't just see you well during the winter months, but also gives you a very supportive framework for improving your immune system all year around.

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