Should you stay or should you go

Have you ever noticed that the older you get, the nosier you get? Walking down those beautiful neighbourhoods after work sees you peeping in the windows as you go past. You end up appraising the interior design of each room that you see and judging what you would do differently. You spot tidy gardens and rate them against the untidy gardens in the front. You spot the colours painted onto garage doors and judge whether you would have the same colours scheme. You can pretty much spend your commute daydreaming about things you don’t yet have, especially if you’re living in a high apartment and not a dream house.
The thing is, making a decision to buy a home is a big one, which makes it a difficult decision. A deposit is a lot of money to part with, and the associated costs, stress of escrow and general packing to move to a new house is an awful lot of work if you’re not quite ready for it. Sure, there are companies like movebuddies.com that can make house moving easier for you if it’s what you want to do, but how do you decide whether it is or not? There are a lot of factors that go into choosing whether to give up your city life in an apartment for a life in the suburbs, and until you know what those factors, you can’t possibly make such a choice.
Moving out of an apartment is often a no-brainer for those with children. Children need space to run around, a safer neighbourhood to play out on their bicycles in and they need to be given some security, which often isn’t the case in an apartment block. Risks of disaster are often higher, with less chance of escape when you live in a city block. Not to mention the fact that you may not yet be able to afford to move to a whole new area, in a whole new neighbourhood and into a whole new house. There’s a big difference between daydreaming about a beautiful house and actually moving into one, and the biggest factor to consider is money.

Are you in a position to buy a house, or would you have to rent? Would you have the cash for furniture up front, or would you need to find somewhere that is already furnished? Do you enjoy life in the city, or do you want a slower pace? All of these questions are entirely valid ones to ask, and you need to decide on what will work for you for your future. Should you stay put, or should you move to a new area and meet new people? It’s all going to depend on what you want right now and whether your budget allows for buying a house to happen. What you have to decide on is how happy you are right now, and weigh up how happy you would be in a new place. If you’d be happier, then it is absolutely the right choice.

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