Creating a fun filled entertainment room for kids and adults alike

If you have a bit of spare space in the home - perhaps that awkward extra room or basement that no one seems to use - then you can count yourself lucky. Not everyone is blessed with a spare room that could be used for purposes other than just storage, and it gives you an opportunity to do something different. Entertainment plays an essential role in modern life, and if your family is into watching TV, playing games - on computers or in real life - just relaxing with books or some good music, a great idea is to create a specific place, like a man cave but for the whole family, to host all these activities - and much more.
The entertainment room is becoming a lot more popular these days, with the rise of online games. Now that you can play real money making games from the comfort of your own home, there are more games rooms being created than ever before!  In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the advantages you can expect, and suggest some hot tips for turning a basic spare room into a magnificent and relaxing space that is perfect for all kinds of activity. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know to make a fun-filled entertainment room in your home.

The benefits of entertainment rooms

As we discussed in the intro, a lot of households enjoy watching TV and movies together, but if you live in a home where the TV is consistently on and ‘present,’ then it can be a little too much. Having a dedicated room for games and watching movies means you remove all your devices and keep them in one place. So, when it comes to life at home, there will instantly be fewer distractions when you are either eating a meal together or just trying to relax for five minutes between chores.

It also helps you make your home look a lot more attractive. Let’s be honest, as impressive as modern TVs are, they can be overbearing and pretty ugly compared to a beautiful fireplace or a lovely piece of artwork. It can look a little tacky when you invite people over to sit in a lounge where your 50-60-inch screen is the centerpiece of the room. And again, when the kids want to watch TV while you have a distinguished visitor or are even trying to have a chat on the phone, it can be tough on the stress levels when all you can hear is the latest Disney movie blasting away in the background.

Know, let’s get into the ins and outs of creating a perfect entertainment space.

Planning your new room

First of all, it’s best to sketch out some ideas of where and how you are going to create your entertainment room. Basements are often perfect for this, but if you don’t have one, it’s OK - you can put all your entertainment in the smallest of spare rooms as long as you are careful when it comes to buying new gear.

A big part of your plan should also include budget considerations. While a considerable basement could be the perfect solution, you might need to buy a huge TV, a variety of different speakers, and all kinds of other devices to ‘power’ the room. Make sure you check out one of the many online guides that are available that explain the right size TV for the amount of space you have.

Of course, it will also help to keep up to date on the latest releases and get recommendations for family-friendly options. Visiting Alex Graveley on IMDb is a great option for some inspiration. Without it, you and your family could spend your free time arguing about what goes on the TV- and no-one wants to do that!

But entertainment isn’t just about TV, of course. Think about your kids and what they want from the room. You will need to sketch out everything from storage solutions for children’s toys, bookshelves, and possibly even tables where they can sit and play board games or set up playsets. A computer would fit well for them to play online games. They will need space, too - enough to dance around to music or just indulge themselves with imaginary play.

Getting started

Before you start splashing out a lot of money on new devices, bear in mind that there are a few other expenses you need to worry about first. It’s best to start with a blank canvas, so think about all the basics of creating a desirable space for all the family. You might need to consider soundproofing your room a little, to begin with. It’s incredibly expensive to reduce the noise coming out of the room to nothing, but even some cheap cork tiles on the walls can have a positive impact on leaking sounds irritating the rest of the family - and your neighbors.

You also need to think about flooring. It’s almost always best to choose a nice, thick carpet - not just for the noise canceling properties, but also because it is warmer and more comfortable than any other option. Just make sure you have a no shoe policy in place if you want that expensive thick pile carpet to last the distance!

Next, don’t forget about wiring. With so many electrical devices in the one place, there could be wire trails everywhere. Not only is it something of an eyesore, but it can also be dangerous - especially if your entertainment room is doubling as a playroom for the children. Getting a certified electrician in to get your electrical installations done correctly will prevent any accidents happening.
Finally, there’s the basic decoration. The possibilities are endless, and it all depends on what you will be using your room for. If you are trying to create a home theater environment, for example, then the darker the colors you use, the better. But if you want your entertainment room to double as a playroom for the kids, then you might need to think again. Perhaps you will go for brighter colors, or maybe divide the room into sections - dark where the TV is, and light where all the kid's toys are kept.

The gear

Again, the equipment you buy will be informed by what you want out of your entertainment room - and your budget. The good news is that creating an entertainment room can be an ongoing process, that you can add to over time. As long as you have the basics in place first, you can adapt the room to your needs as time passes, too - your kid’s playroom can become something more grown up as they get older.

Fundamentally, however, there are a few basics that everyone has for their entertainment room. A TV or projector tends to be a good starting point and depending on the room’s size, you might benefit from something like a surround sound system for the perfect cinematic experience.

Blu-ray players, games consoles, a music system - but will ultimately give everyone a wide range of choice for watching movies or playing interactive games. 

The furniture and fittings

The next step is to think about your seating. There are plenty of options out there, from sourcing old cinema seats that you can install into your home through to finding out more information about Comfy Sacks or giant bean bags to relax in ultimate comfort. Some people even create huge, custom-made beds for their entertainment rooms, meaning the whole family can snuggle down together and watch a movie.

If you are using the room for kids, make sure you invest in plenty of storage solutions, too. Bookshelves, units for putting toy boxes away, and a couple of surfaces to sit at and draw, play games, and play are also critical.

Lighting is another important aspect of planning an entertainment room. On the one hand, you will want it nice and bright so the kids can play safely. On the other, however, you want to be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in darkness. The simplest solution is to get some spotlights and dimmer switches. Not only can these set your lights to the perfect level, but you will also find you can light one area of the room and not the other.

Perhaps a fridge or freezer would go well in your entertainment room, too? Whether it’s for alcoholic drinks for use when friends come around, or orange juice and smoothies for the kids are down to you - but a fridge will save you time running to and from the kitchen.

The finishing touches

It’s important to remember that organization is critical when it comes to creating a good space for entertainment.

Take your remotes as the perfect example - when you bring the whole family down to watch a movie, you don’t want to spend half a day searching for the controls that turn on your TV. So, when you are going through all the finishing jobs, make sure everything has a home - and that everyone gets into the habit of tidying away at the end of the day.

Shelving will also be beneficial. Whether it’s for a collection of books, DVDs, computer games or toys, it’s best to have plenty of shelving available so that, again, everything has its place.

Do you have an entertainment room? If so, why not share your knowledge and experience of designing and building it? If not, would you love to have an entertainment room, and what is stopping you from creating one? Share all your thoughts in the comments section below, and join in on the conversation!

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