How to Make Your Bed and Lie in It

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Making the bed might be a bit of an ordeal - getting tangled in the sheets, pulling down the corners, fluffing up the pillows - but the right bed made well is the ultimate joy at the end of a long day.

Taking the time in the morning to remake your bed, turning down the sheets ready and pulling everything into place, is the best way to prime yourself for relaxation later on.

Here are a few things to consider:


The best thing about any bed is clean sheets. Fresh on and cool to touch, sheets need to be kind to sensitive skin. Try using california king bed sheets for an immense 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton that will bring you the ultimate comfort and a great night’s sleep.

It is important that you wash your sheets regularly to make sure that you aren’t giving bed space to fungi and bacteria. How often you choose to wash your sheets is down to you but if you want hotel luxury in your own home then once a week should easily cover it without weighing you down with washing!


If your pillow has gone limp and won’t provide any support any more, it’s time to get a new one. The right pillow will give your head and neck the right amount of support. Anything too soft and the weight of your head will put pressure on your neck, too hard and you're going to get neck pain with that as well.

Memory foam pillows are great because they mold to your natural curves and move with you so that you remain comfortable all night and can’t get in a tangle. An ‘s’ shaped pillow will offer you even more support for your neck if you need it.

The best thing to do is have a few different pillows to choose from such as a softer pillow and a memory foam pillow so that you can change things up as you feel like it.


Blankets and throws are the best way to warm up a bed, especially if you get cold feet during the night. Laying a woollen knitted blanket across the foot of your bed will keep any toes escaping your comforter warm.

There are all sorts of blanket styles to choose from that really make your bed look more inviting. Try using a mixture of textures and materials on your bed to make a great spot for nesting. Velvety soft blankets or fleecy materials will keep the heat in and add a touch of glamour to your bedroom as well.

Final Touches

On a cold night, taking a hot water bottle to bed with you will bring all the comfort and warmth you need to snuggle up. Equally, taking a hot chocolate to drink while you warm up the sheets is a lovely way to end a cozy night in. If you are really treating yourself, placing a chocolate on the pillow like they do in hotels is a cute touch your partner will love too.

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