Ice, ice baby: easy ways to get the outside of your home ready for winter

The countdown to the holidays is on. Which means winter is basically here. Even if you live in warmer climes, now can be a good time to have a look at your home, to make sure that it is fit for purpose and will see you through the winter months. A few small changes can make a massive difference, and reduce costly damage to the home, as well as things like mold and mildew. Intrigued to know what to do? Here are some ideas to help.

Clear Gutters and Drains

Once all of the leaves have fallen, it can leave a lot of leaves in your yard. They can turn to mush, which can have a negative impact on your yard and garden. It can stop rain water being absorbed properly, as well as blocking things like your drains and gutters.  So clearing up leaves, and clearing your drains and gutters is a good idea or, if you are not able to clean them yourself, you can hire someone like this Gutter Cleaning Richmond company to come and do the job for you.  leaves get stuck and then rainwater freezes, it can lead to blockages and cracks. So it is best to start afresh with clear drains and gutters, now that fall is pretty much over. Accordingly, investing in a leaf blower can help you to tackle any stray leaves. 

Sweep the Chimney

If you’re lucky to have a chimney, then it is important that you maintain it often. As it isn’t likely to have been used over summer, now is the time to check it out and make sure that it is clean and clear. Then you can use your fire over the winter months without worrying about blockages or smoke.

Check your Roof

If you have a crack or leak in your roof, then it can lead to many problems. It can let excess rainwater in, leading to mold and mildew, as well as making your home much less energy efficient. With many places over here suffering from horrible storms and hurricanes of late, it can be a good idea to check if you have any roof tiles that have come out of place. If you have, somewhere like Holland Homes could be a good place to look for a roof replacement. You’ll want to get any issues checked out before it starts to snow too heavily and then your roof can't be repaired for a while.

Protect Your Pipes

The pipes in our homes will be under a lot more pressure at this time of year, not to mention the extremes of temperature that they face. From freezing temperature overnight, to then getting warm when we want them to heat the house, it can lead to cracks and damage from time to time. So checking them out first of all is a good idea. Clear anything that is blocking the pipes, like leaves or trees, so that access is easy. Protecting them in a foam layer can also be a good way to prevent them from getting damaged or bursting. That would be a nightmare when the weather turns cold.

Have you started to get any cold weather yet? What have you been doing to prepare your home?

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