A test of strength. Helping your partner through a chronic illness

It is horrible when someone you love, especially your partner, is having a terrible time due to a chronic health condition. There are various ups and downs we all have to contend with, not just from their perspective, but yours too. It can be a very emotionally draining time, and while people talk about attempting to be on the cheery side, sometimes this is just not possible. So, what can you do to help your partner, and what situations will likely crop up in your relationship?

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Is It Good To Talk?
Sometimes, all we need is to be there for them. Some of us feel that we need to fill the void by asking questions, but sometimes this doesn't generate the desired result, no matter how well-meaning you are. Granted, if they want to vent, then it's best for you to be as open, honest, and receptive to their needs as possible. But, sometimes a simple cuddle and a bit of quiet time are all that your partner needs to show that you are supporting them.

Medication Reminders
Depending on the condition, your partner may need to take lots of medication. Sometimes, emotions can take over, and memory will falter, and your partner may forget to take meds, or they may feel emotionally numb when they see how much medication is dispensed by those automated dispensing cabinets, and the endless trips back and forth to the pharmacy can be very demoralizing. Sometimes, your partner may feel that if they were shaking, they would rattle! Taking medication alone may be a lot of headwork, but the best approach is to get into a habit of taking meds at specific times or even just set alarms as a reminder.

Time To Yourself
As your partner is going through a difficult time, and is in a lot of pain, physically and emotionally, depending on the illness, you may feel that you are being selfish by having time to yourself. However, this is something that is completely normal, feeling guilty for focusing on yourself for a short period of time is something that every partner has gone through, as well as every parent, carer, and anybody you can think of in this delicate situation. The goal for you should be to provide stable support for your partner, so this means you have to look after yourself. Think about eating well, minimizing stress, or finding ways for you to relax so you can take your mind off the situation, albeit for a short period of time.

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A Problem Shared...
A lot of people may take to blogging about their experiences. It does depend on your own personal outlook on the situation, and if you feel comfortable sharing intimate details, but it is something that can be incredibly inspiring for a blog, and you may help a lot of other people going through exactly the same thing as you. There are lots of support groups where people meet in person, a blog is the same thing, but online!

It is never easy, but it's a situation you need to feel your way through. It is a tough time for you and your partner, but you will find that inner strength that will see you through this terrible time.

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