Want to move but no where to move to. 3 to consider

When you finally make the decision to move home, you know you’re in for a rough ride. You know you’re going to have to deal with all of the stress and disruption that moving tends to entail, but you also know it’s going to be worth it.

So you begin the process of transferring your life from one home to the next. You spruce up your existing house and list it for sale. Then, you switch from seller to buyer, dipping your toe into the market and seeing what properties are out there.

In the perfect scenario, everything from this point will proceed as smoothly as possible. You find the right house for you; your existing home sells quickly; you move and then settle into your new home… that’s how it should go, anyway.

What if it doesn’t quite work out like that, though? What if you find yourself stuck at a certain point in the process; what if you can’t find a property you want to move into? Are you doomed to live in your existing home forever?

If you find yourself in the above scenario, then consider the following options to help break the stalemate:

#1 - Design Your Own

While it may seem extreme, designing and building your own home is a surprisingly viable option.

When you opt for a custom-built home, you can ensure everything in the property is built to your exact specifications and requirements. You don’t have to compromise; you can plan the entire building to suit the needs of your family. Professional companies such as Parker Built Homes can turn your ideas into a reality; you do the dreaming, and the pros can do the building.

If you’re struggling to find a house to your taste on the market, then creating your own is often the easiest solution, and the one you will be happiest with.

#2 - Look For Potential

When most of us look for homes, we tend to have a list of requirements. We think about the number of bedrooms we want or how big the yard should be, and we will walk away from any property that does not meet our requirements.

It is always worth looking at properties with the potential for what they could be, rather than just taking them as they are now. Maybe you could buy a smaller house than you planned, and use the money you save on the purchase price to extend it. Try and view houses with what they could be in mind, rather than focusing on how they appear at the point you view them.

#3 - Explore Conversion Options

There are a number of old buildings that, when converted, can become glorious homes. Barns, stores, outbuildings, and even churches have all been successfully converted by creative buyers, so why not see if there are any properties in your chosen area that are ripe for the same treatment?

You will need to ensure that there is zoning permission for the building to be transformed into a residential dwelling, but this is relatively easy to obtain. Of course, conversions are a lot of work, but they can produce unique, interesting homes if you’re willing to put the work in.

Do you think you might be tempted to explore any of the options above when you’re looking for your next home?

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