Cleaner House for a Cleaner Mind

Cleaner House for a Cleaner Mind


Will the extra time spent on cleaning that you rob from your non-existing free time, help you relieve stress and stay healthy? According to numerous studies, it will. A cleaner house equals a clearer mind and a healthier body.

Declutter your thoughts for better dreams

As the chaos in your home increases cortisol levels and thus induces the feeling of anxiety, it will not allow you to properly unwind once you are back from work. You will lie awake in your bed analyzing the day behind you and making plans for the next one. This can sound productive but it is not really. People tend to grow more and more frustrated the longer they stay awake when they are meant to be sleeping. This delays sleeping even further. You will end up having fewer hours to properly rest and possibly have poor sleep quality. As naïve as it may have sounded in the beginning, the less sleep the more stress and greater likeliness of causing aggravation at work and with your friends and family.

Clean kitchen for a healthier diet

Not being stressed and feeling happy will set you on a rode of wanting to dedicate more time to yourself. You will feel ready to spend more time thinking about what you should eat, instead of simply eating whatever is there and the quickest to make. A clean kitchen will also make you want to spend more time in it, rather than simply running away from it. This means that you will probably be eager enough to cook a proper meal for yourself and your family which is in most cases healthier than store-bought pre-cooked food.

Clean your home to keep your family healthy

Fresh air is something wildly valued in modern society. We tend to complain of the air pollution and use weekends to go back to nature and breathe. What we do not realize is that the air within the walls of our homes can be more polluted than the one we breathe in the streets. This is why you should, first of all, remember to open your windows whenever there is a suitable moment, but at least once a day to let the fresh air in. The air quality in your home will greatly depend on how clean your home is as the dust and whatever it may consist of in your particular case, will find its way through the air into your body. 
You could also choose to use an indoor air purification service to install an air purification system in your home, to keep the air clean and pollution-free. A correctly installed system can help to remove up to 99.97% of all airborne allergens.
A cleaning habit and a clean home are particularly important if you have pets. Pets can be fluffy bundles of germs and they tend to leave their mark everywhere they go by shedding hair. Children, especially toddlers, depend on you to clean the house and keep them healthy as their hand hygiene is usually poor (you could literally hire a person to run after them and wash their hands) and they tend to put them in their mouth or rub their eyes.

Use your garden to relax

Your house probably came with a garden. Most of us like having a garden or at least a balcony. Gardens should be used for relaxation and whichever activities help you unwind. This is why you should always keep your garden clutter-free as fresh air will not be enough unless you are happy with what you see. If you do not have enough time to maintain it and do not wish to hire a gardening service, do something simple with it. However, you need to make sure you’re taking good care of your patio. Perhaps the simplest way is to invest in quality gardening equipment and premium hose reels in different lengths that will surely cut your gardening time in half.

A Clean home office for higher productivity

Clean, stress-free environment will make you happy and it will make you think clearly. This will enable you to focus on your work assignments and it will increase your productivity. You may even spend less time working and have more free time than what you would have if you’d decided to skip cleaning and work straight away.

Here is a trivia for you, if you are a woman and you have ever asked yourself “is it really possible that HE does not notice the mess?!” – It is! Chaos has a much greater impact on women, increasing their cortisol level more significantly than it does to men. To all the men out there, please indulge us and help us keep the house clean.

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