The Definitive 'Moving Home' Guide

Moving home can be a very stressful experience. Actually, scratch that; it is a very stressful experience. There’s no dancing around that fact. Deciding that it’s time for you and your family to move to a new home is the easy part of the decision. You knew that the place was becoming too small, the house was too old, or there was a better job elsewhere. You might have had to discuss it with the family, of course, but that will have been an easier decision that planning the actual move to the new home in itself.

This definitive ‘moving home’ guide should make everything much easier for you, however. It might be the case that not every point will apply to your specific situation, but the pieces of advice mentioned throughout are certainly good general tips that should help with the majority of moving processes. Here are the steps you should take once you’ve decided you’re ready to move house.

Find your new home.
This is a good place to begin, obviously. You can’t really move out of one house until you’ve found a new one to move into. You should base your property hunt on the reasons as to why you’re moving out of your current house. If the reasons for moving out of your current home are that it’s too small then you need to not only choose a new house which is spacious but one which will continue to be spacious in the future. It all depends on your family situation. If your kids are still young then you need to think about whether the house you’re moving into will be big enough for them as they get older. And if you’re planning to have more kids in the future then you need to factor that into your decision too.

Perhaps you’re heading to a new area for a certain school or job opportunity which narrows down your property hunting radius anyway. Whatever the case, you should certainly make sure that you’re choosing your new house based on more than its interior design. The way the house looks in itself is obviously important when you’re moving home but you need to think about practicalities too, such as the distance from your home to your workplace or the local school, shops, and other amenities. Finding the ideal home is great but it may be all for nothing if the location is bad. You should also do research into the neighborhood before you buy too. Is it a safe area? Are you living around families like yours or younger adults whom you’d rather weren’t your neighbors? Price will also most likely play a big part in your decision if you’re wary of your financial situation, so you might want to see if there’s a HDB BTO launch in your area. Public housing can definitely be a smart financial option. The point is that there are many factors to consider before you take the plunge into a big family move.

Get the whole family involved.
The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t just the adults who are affected by this big move; you have to think about your entire family. As we’ve discussed before on this site, it’s crucial to keep your children involved throughout the moving process. They might be struggling with the thought of moving away from their friends, even if it’s not a very distant move. Even if they don’t show any visible signs of distress, they might simply be struggling with the concept of moving out of a home which has been a comfortable and cozy environment for them for many years (or their entire life, depending on how young they are).

If you give your children the responsibility of being involved in discussions concerning the move then this will make a huge difference. It’ll remind them that they’re just as important in this process as the parents of the family. They won’t feel as if they’re being forced out of one home into another. Let your kids walk around the new property with you before you move in. Let them get a feel for their future home so that they’re a little more comfortable about the prospect of the big move. You should also let them take charge when it comes to packing their own things; tell them that they can choose what to throw away or keep as it’ll be a valuable lesson for them when they’re an adult and moving into a new house on their own. You should remind them that they can Skype their old friends and go back to see them on weekends. However, you should also invite children over from the new neighborhood for a housewarming party so that your kids can make new friends.

The move.
Moving day is going to be one of the most stressful days of the entire moving process. You might have had all the plans in place for weeks or months and spent a lot of time packing but the actual day of moving itself is going to be stressful. It’s important that you figure out how you’re going to do it. If you need to hire a mover then you need to make sure you hire a reputable company. Of course, if you’re doing it yourself or with the help of friends then you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing in terms of securing all your possessions and not damaging them in the journey to your new home.

Settling in.
The final part of the moving process is settling into your new home. When you find yourself standing in this alien place with all your possessions neatly packed into little boxes, this property might not feel like it’s yours yet. It might feel as if you’re a stranger in somebody else’s home. That’s why it’s important to pack an overnight bag and a box full of “initial items” that you’ll need. You want to be able to unpack all the most important things as soon as you arrive for practical reasons but also so that the house doesn’t feel so empty. Once your main possessions are unpacked, this strange new house will already start to feel like your home.

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