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It doesn’t matter if you have been in a house for a day or a year, sometimes it takes time for a new house to feel like home. There are some things you can do to make it feel homely-er quicker, but at the end of the day, the only way it will feel like home is if you learn to love it.


Some people have in done in the first week, and some people have a couple of boxes left months after the move. Unpacking your boxes will make the house feel more familiar as it will be full of your stuff. And when organizing your things, don’t rush it. Take your time to decide where you want things to go and let yourself change your mind once or twice. Figuring out how your things fit into the new space, helps you to figure out how you will fit in it too.


Get the photos out. Even if you’re not going to hang them straight away, place a few of them around the house. This way you will have familiar memories in every room of the house. You can place pictures of family, or places you’ve been - but never of your old house, especially if you really loved it; you’ll just get home sick.


Fill your house with loved ones. Invite everyone over for a housewarming party, or a BBQ, or a movie night - or all three at once. Filling the place with people you love will allow you to start making memories in the new house, and your family and friends will always have ideas of how you can arrange things. This will either help you to figure out where you want things to go, or you’ll start standing up for your new home.


Get a pet. An animal adapts a lot quicker to new surroundings than people do, they’ll feel at home straight away. And you’ll associate your new home with a new family member, and who wouldn’t love that? Do make sure that you stay on top of things like fleas and worming, always take preventive measures with products like Pet-Lock, to save your fluffy friend (and to save your house) from unwanted visitors.


Get using the rooms. Cook a meal you can make with your eyes closed in your new kitchen - you won’t have to think about a recipe, and you can focus on learning your new kitchen and figuring out that you’ve put the juicer in a stupid place. Hang out in your living room, get your bedroom set up sharply, and pick up any furniture you need within the first few weeks and accessorize like crazy. The more time you spend in your house, the more it will feel like home.

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  1. I lived in an apartment last year that never truly felt at home. Needless to say I was miserable and moved out about 7 months after I moved in. I vowed that the next place I move into would be different and it is. I am here almost a year and as I look around now, I feel warmth and 'homeliness'. I see my things displayed, my pictures on the walls, my books on the shelf and a lovely bouquet of wild flowers that I picked myself on my kitchen table. This feels like home and I've never been happier anywhere else.


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