The Guide To Recapturing That 'New Home' Feel

You remember what your home was like when you first moved in. Or maybe you no longer do and that’s exactly the problem. Whatever was so enticing about this property when you first moved in, it’s long gone now. And that’s the case for many homeowners once they’ve lived in their household for enough years. You have a family and those kids grow up fast; the bigger they get and the more of them there are, the quicker your household starts to become cramped and things start to break.

Enough is enough. You shouldn’t have to shrug your shoulders and make do with your worn-out household. There’s always the potential to restore your home back to its former glory because the key aspect which makes a house, at its very core, is its size. There’s still just as much space available as there was on the day you moved in but you’re just not utilizing it properly. Of course, there’s more to restoring your home than that, so here’s a guide to recapturing that ‘new home’ feel. It’s time to reclaim the look that made you fall in love with this property in the first place (if anything, it’s time to make your home look better than it did before).

Open up some space.
The term ‘minimalism’ gets thrown around a lot these days but it’s certainly the best way to achieve a timeless and clean look for your home. Strip back the clutter and you’ve not only got a more spacious home but also fewer things to work with (essentially, you’re making this renovation process easier). The goal is a neutral and refreshing environment because a cluttered design full of patterns, vintage furnishings, and other eccentric interior design elements runs the risk of becoming outdated quickly. You shouldn’t focus on trends. Keep your home open-plan.

How do you achieve this? Begin with an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality. You need to get rid of all the possessions you’ve been hoarding but no longer really need. Sell any items that are worth anything (put on a yard sale) and throw away any items that aren’t worth anything. This is a win-win situation because you’ll have a more spacious and minimalistic home but you’ll also have made some money to fund any other renovation projects you have planned for the house. Once you have more space, repaint the walls a neutral color, such as white, so as to give each room a new lease of life and also to brighten the house.

Give the kitchen a makeover.
When it comes to working on individual rooms in the house, you should really focus on the kitchen. This room really holds the home together, so you should work hard to make sure it looks fresh and up to date. Start off by making small changes to the room. Shelving units can help increase storage space so that you don’t cram as many things haphazardly into cabinets or on the work surfaces. They’re also a quaint aesthetic addition to the kitchen too, so it’s an improvement all-round.

You could also try out a new granite countertop to really modernize your kitchen and head over to The Nourished Life for an effective cleaner to help it look sleek, sophisticated, and smooth. The key thing to remember with all changes you make to your home (not just brand new countertops or repainted cabinets in the kitchen) is that you have to keep on top of maintenance if you want to avoid your home looking outdated and unclean again a few years from now. It’s got to be part of a continuous routine but if you keep on top of maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen then you might not have to refit the entire thing from top to bottom; you can make it look brand new again.

Update your garden.
Don’t forget one of the most important spots on your property: the garden. You need to work hard to maintain this space because the exterior to your home gives either a good or a bad first impression to your family and anyone who visits your home. You should focus on keeping your lawn cut and also work on starting a flowerbed so as to give yourself more motivation to get out into your garden and spend some time there. Make this a place in which you actually want to spend time so that you have the incentive to keep your garden looking nice.

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