Fort Blocks! Kiddie Proofing Your Home

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We all know it's very stressful having kids. From the first time you see them; you know that there is nothing more important to you in this life, especially when they learn to walk! So this means that everywhere in your house could be a potential danger spot, and some are more dangerous than you think! Let's have a look at what you can do to make your home kiddie proof.

First Thing's First...
It's time to check the home. Start to look at what could be a potential danger, and maybe you want to get a home inspection company in just to check the foundations of everything, but what you can do is to get a different perspective on the situation. In other words, get down on your hands and knees and get a baby eye view of the house. Think about what would tempt you, are there loads of things that look very intriguing, especially to a young child?

Some Of The Hazards...
Let's go over the basics, firstly the electrics. Make sure that all sorts of wires, extensions, as well as anything that juts out, is tucked away safely. And also, think about putting wires and electrics away securely, not just putting them behind the television! If you didn't already know, children can easily get themselves into small spaces, especially when there are shiny pictures concerned! Also, think carefully about what in your home has a lot of sharp edges, do you have items of furniture or tables and bookcases that are sharp and come up to the eye-level of your little one? Also, start to think about potential climbing hazards. That mahogany bookcase may look pretty, but does it look very tempting for your little one to start climbing up, especially if it's precariously balanced, as antique furniture is not always the most even or load bearing of items.

Major Threats...
Yes, there are things that you can do to provide a sense of superficial protection, but there are some things that are incredibly dangerous to your child, and can potentially be life-threatening. One of these are found in every home: strings, curtain cords, anything like this that hangs off is a hazard for strangulation. Also, no doubt you have started thinking about baby gates, be sure that you have good quality, strong baby gates. Cheap baby gates are all well and good if your child is very young and not very strong, but those gates will certainly look like something that they will want to climb or pull open as soon as they have the strength. And also, when it comes to baby gates, you may want to be overprotective, and place one at the top of the stairs in addition to the bottom. However, this is not recommended! Keep the baby gates at the bottom of the stairs only.

When your kids are getting older, it is difficult to keep an eye on them all the time, but regardless of the safety features you have in your home, this is no replacement for proper and constant supervision of your children!

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