Dinky Dens: Designing The Perfect Kid’s Bedroom

For most adults, a bedroom’s decor can last upwards of a decade if the room is kept in good condition. Your needs don’t change, and you’ll enjoy the styles you choose for a long time. Of course, though, a child’s room is a little bit different. After a couple of years, you kids will change enough to make their room a little too young for them, and a lot of parents will want to make some updates. To give you a helping hand with this job, this post will be going through some of the important stages you have to consider, along with some tools to help along the way.

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  • Planning

To start, planning will be the most important part of this sort of job. Without a good plan in place, it will be impossible to achieve the goals you’ve set out. There are several parts to your plan, and you will need to consider them all before you get started. While you’re doing this, you should constantly be thinking of new ways to improve the work you’re going to be doing.

  • Create A Moodboard

The room you create for your child has to be designed with them in mind. They will have their own hobbies and interests and probably won’t like the idea of having a room which doesn't reflect them. A mood board consisting of anywhere between four and twelves images can be very helpful when you’re trying to understand this part of the room.

  • Collect Some Inspiration

Your mood board will serve as part of your inspiration for the room you’re creating. But, along with this, it can also be very helpful to find a little bit more. Websites like Instagram and Pinterest can be great for this, as they offer some excellent tagging and search tools to make it nice and easy.

  • Bring It All Together

With a mood board laid out and some solid inspiration to lead the way, you can start to piece everything together. At this stage, you will want to consider the furniture and decoration you’re going to use, looking for the best place to help you find them. There are loads of sites out there which can help you with this.

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  • Gathering Your Resources

Your plan should give you a good idea of the resources you’re going to need to assemble the room you’re designing. To get your hands on these, you’ll have to do some work, and it might take some research to find the parts you need. Thankfully, in the modern age, even things like wood, nails, and other building supplies can be bought directly online. To get the best deals here, it’s important that you look into a variety of suppliers. Of course, though, the amount you spend will also make a huge difference here.

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  • Choosing Furniture

The furniture you buy for your child’s room can come from a huge variety of sources. Secondhand and charity shops often offer great deals on high-quality items, enabling you to save loads of money, and will usually have loads of options. Along with this, you could also look for used furniture on sites like Craigslist and eBay, though these have more risk involved. When it comes the time to choose mattress or bed accessories, you should always look for new options. This will ensure that you give your child the safest product to sleep on. You have loads of options for the furniture you buy, so it’s worth doing plenty of research before you start spending.

  • Getting The Job Done

Finally, once you have all of the little pieces together, you will be ready to start building your kid’s room into something to be proud of. At this stage, you will probably be able to get most of the work done by yourself. But, having a friend or two to help you out will make the job a lot shorter. It’s a good idea to assume that a job like this will take longer than you expect. Little hold-ups and delays will be around every corner, and you won’t want to rush your work at the expense of quality. Good planning will always make your work a lot easier.

With any luck, the post will inspire you to start working a lot harder on the renovations you do in your child’s room. This space will have a huge impact on your child as they grow. If they don’t like their room, it will be hard for them to enjoy the time they spend there, and could even drive them to avoid bringing friends home.

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