Simple Tricks to Make You Look 5 Years Younger

                        Glowing skin

The first thing that people notice that makes them think that you are older is your skin. But it’s not just wrinkles and dark spots - though there are many products to help with these things, and you may even be able to find a Dark Spot Diminisher discount to save some money on these products. As the skin ages and loses elastin, it also loses the glow that makes it look young. The easiest way to fix this is to use products that will make your skin glow again. Yes, you can dabble in highlighters and shimmers, but the best way to go is to use a skin primer that will make your skin glow from underneath the foundation or powder you put on top of it. It will look more natural and will easily trick the eye. You also want to try and remove any dark spots on your skin – both from lack of sleep and the ones that appear with age. Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your face. Keep up with your skincare routine, exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells and make sure you moisturize every morning and evening to keep your skin looking good and healthy for a long time.

                        Stay on top of trends

If you keep styling yourself the same way today as you did ten years ago, it’s a clear tell that you’re from another time. Try to keep up with the trends, embrace the fast-changing pace of fast fashion and style yourself like you are a woman of today. Sure, if there is a trend from the past you really love and that defines your style, feel free to incorporate it, but try to research ways that style is incorporated in fashion today. There’s a way to wear absolutely anything and look tasteful – you just need to find it.

                        Take care of your hair

The first tip might be obvious: cover your grays. Alternatively, if you don’t want to keep dyeing your hair, dye it platinum gray once and then just maintain the color with appropriate products. But while that might make you look modern, it won’t make you look youthful. We tend to connect youth with long, shiny hair, so taking good care of it and strengthening it can give you that effect. If you are having trouble growing it out, clip in human hair extensions will give you the length and the volume without the years of work.

                        Get your body some support

We all know that with age, things start to lose their gravity-defying powers. But with the right garments, that can all be fixed. Get a well-fitting bra that will hold your breasts in place and give your body a nice silhouette. A good pair of jeans will keep your butt lifted and perky, and shirts with fitted sleeves will take care of any problems with upper arm skin. If you are wearing skirts, then tights are your best friend since they will hold everything in place and give your legs a beautiful sheen.

                        Take care of your feet

If you really want to look younger, you have to take care of yourself from head to toe. Get a pedicure every month, or simply do it yourself. Make sure you exfoliate your feet and get rid of any build-up of dead skin, because you definitely don’t want that showing when you’re wearing sandals. Applying a sophisticated color to your toes like a deep red or a light powder will give you a great look and will go well with the majority of shoes.

Looking young isn’t imperative, and women of every age should feel beautiful in the skin they are in. But whether you want to turn the clock back for a special occasion, or for everyday life, now you know how you can do it with simple tricks.

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