Make health appointments less scary for the kids

If you are someone that experiences even a little anxiety when heading to the doctor, dentist, or other specialists, then it's not so hard to empathize with the little one when they get scared. In fact, being really scared at medical appointments can easily turn into a lifelong phobia that can make taking care of their health harder as they grow older. That is why it's vital that as parents, we do everything we can to make health appointments as calm as possible. Something you can get some help with in the post below.

Set a good example.

One of the best things you can do for your kids when it comes to health appointment is to lead by example. After all, kids learn by what you do, and that means if you are visibly terrified before your doctors or dentist appointment, they will pick up on it.

They will also pick up on any conversations that you have at home, especially ones where you end up Googling your symptoms, so even if you aren't feeling too brave, make an effort to do your best. Alternatively, if you know that some medical visits are harder for you, it may be better not to take the kids along if at all possible. Then they won't end up making those negative associations that could ramp up their own fear.

Go through what to expect.

Next, it's a smart move to go through what to expect with your kids in each appointment they need to attend. Now, some parents shy away from this because they don't want to scare the little ones, and of course, you do need to tread the line between being honest, and making them even more scared.

However, it can be an advantageous strategy to let your kids know what to expect when a medical appointment comes around. To that end, it's well worth finding information like this piece on what happens at a hearing evaluation so you then can explain it to them before they attend. Something that can help them to not only mentally prepare for it, but feel more in control as well.

Introduce them to breathing exercises.

Next, it can be constructive to acknowledge your child's anxiety rather than try to avoid it altogether. In fact, by letting them know that many people get a little nervous when attending a medical appointment and that it's totally OK, you can actually help to stop it escalating.

You may even want to introduce your kids to some deep and diaphragmatic breathing exercises as well. This being something that can not only help them relieve their anxiety but also give them something to focus on during uncomfortable producers.

Let them know you will be there with them.

Lastly, when it comes to making health appointment less scary for kids, letting them know that you will be there for them through the whole thing can be very beneficial too.

In fact, just the knowledge that you will be there to protect them, and comfort them can make the whole experience seem so much less scary.

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