Weekend Recap

Work til 2:15, i had an exam, which i got 95% on, i should have gotten 100% as far as i am concerned, but i don't make the decision... 
My friend Amy dropped me off at the hospital for  my treatment so hubby didn't have to miss more time at work, they don't mind but i don't like him missing to much time for me, besides Amy was going that way so she didn't mind. 
I was again put with an amazing nurse, they are all so amazing here and for that i am very thankful. We need to be appreciative of our health care especially here in Canada where it is free. Hubby picked me up after the treatment and i needed to mail my Cara Box( yeah I'm late), also picked up some meat for a BBQ, it was way to warm to cook dinner in side, so hubby grilled while i slept the pain off because this one had to be the most pain yet.  , this picture is of me putting a good side out and remaining positive while in a lot of pain...
I then ate with the family and cleaned the kitchen- when men cook, they make a big mess...but I'm thankful he cooks and does a really good job of it. I watched "Like Dandelion Dust", wow, wow, wow, if you are a mom who adopted a child, you need to watch this, if you are the mom of a child that was adopted, this movie is for you, so powerful and make sure you keep Kleenex near by, because you will need it. 

could not sleep til 5 am, it was so warm and i guess it was the heat that kept me awake, i was not a happy camper. 

 The Final quizzing tournament of the summer, i am so glad that no more early mornings on Saturday for a tournament, but if there was it would be ok. 

all the winners, my girl got 3 trophies today, so very proud of her indeed. Well earned and deserved, she worked hard for this. 
After quizzing was over we went to visit some old friends, she was our bridesmaid, now she is married with 3 kids, we thought we were out there so why not go visit, 
She has a little boy with Down Syndrome, i immediately fell in love with him, he sat with me and i had to feed him etc, such a cutie. 

Her girls Harmony and Mackenzie. Those girls love Brooke as well. I am so glad she is such a likeable girl. 

We stayed and ate pizza and wings with them, we drank tea, we chatted, we laughed and had a great time. 
On the way home we saw this 
Mr Moose.. i am glad he was off the road and didn't bother coming closer ( Thank you Jesus) 

When we were almost home, we heard news that a tornado had possible touched down, 2 hours from where we were, Much to close for comfort, i found some pictures that people had posted on Facebook

We NEVER get Torndao's here and i hope we never do again. 

We also got delayed in traffic because of a vehicle accident , it looked so bad, i hope no one was seriously injured. 

Sunday School- my assitant teacher was gone, so i got one of the youth kids to help me. 
We came home from service and i made roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and yorkshire pudding with gravy- Delicious. 
I then took a big nap and my hubby got groceries for me, i am so pooped from not sleeping well and sunday school always beats me out. 

Tomorrow is Monday again.... how fast the weekends go.Have a great week my friends 


  1. What an exciting weekend! That was crazy about the tornado :(

  2. Your Sunday dinner makes me want to try harder at Sunday dinner's over here!

  3. Wow you really had an eventful weekend. 95% will do I think and I hope everything is going well with the treatment. Have a great week Terri


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