Friday's Confessionals
Today's topics Pet Peeves(Oh i could write a lot for this one)

1) People who leave the tiolet seat up
it seriously doesnt take any time to put it down when yo are down using it

2) Do not leave the tiolet paper roll empty- grrrr, dont dare take it out and leave it on the counter

3) Leaving covers of the tooth paste-

When we first got married these were things that drove me crazy.


  1. LOL! We have the exact some pet peeves! I cannot stand the seat being left up and an empty roll left on the holder! So annoying!

  2. i can relate. goog luck in taming your housekeeping. you can do it! http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/2013/06/white-cloud-luxuriously-soft.html

  3. lol, All of them are bathroom related! I can't stand it when someone leaves the roll empty! such a pain!


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