OH my heart

Even though we have been married for 12 years, together for 15 years, i miss him so much when he travels..
This week he is travelling back to Newfoundland, meaning he gets to see all our friends and family there.. so not fair :p
He gets to see these little people:

my heart is there with him.

I have some projects that i wanted to get done while he was gone.. i wanted to get the guest room tidied up and quit throwing everything everywhere in there- i have completed that

I also have to work late tomorrow night, and not sure what i am doing after, Brooke will be staying with her sitter for the night because she is awesome like that, so i don't have to figure out how to get home and get her etc.

It seems the ants decided to come out while he has been gone, i am terrified of little ants, so me having to deal with this isn't going so well.... freaks me out to see the ants so close to my bed etc... i don't think ill sleep tonight


  1. I hate ants, too. I just battled Ants,fleas and now spiders. That's what I get for living in a semi wilderness area. I hope your hubby gets yt? o come home soon. Sounds like Brooke has a wonderful sitter. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. I don't mind ants so much it is their cousins the spiders that do me in. To me there is no such thing as "small" spider!


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