What can children learn from strategy games

What was the first time you ever played a game? Did it involve a bunch of pixels on a screen moving around? Was it in the playground with your friends? Chances are both of those were not, it's most probably when you were playing a board game with your family with your family. What are the most fun games at that age? Jigsaws are easy to figure out but once completed they get boring. Snakes and ladders are fun because it involves a dice roll each turn, therefore, there’s unpredictability at play. However, the games that have the most replayability are strategy games. Games that one can inject his or her personality into last a lot longer and remain fresh so long as the player can think of new ways of beating the opponent. Strategy games teach us to prepare ahead, think about the actions of others that could affect us personally, and to analyze what is the best move that we can make to win. What can children learn from this kind of play?
 The lessons of chess Chess is a game that’s been around and adored for thousands and thousands of years. It's quite simple to understand but to master it may take you several lifetimes. Children that are introduced to chess early learn about the brutality of sacrifice. There’s no way to win without losing pieces from your side. Therefore planning what is most valuable to you to achieve your goal takes a mental fortitude and skill. Magnus Carlsens name was heard all around the world when he was just a little child because he had become so amazing at chess from a young age. He understood that chess requires you to think in an almost transcendent way. You have to see the board from your opponent's perspective. This can be translated into real life by prioritizing things that are important to your success such as education and networking. Working hard and trying to see the world through an employer’s viewpoint will help you to stand out from other candidates. Real-time thinking Everybody could teach something to somebody else, namely in a subject category that we specialize in. Yet, quickfire rounds about that subject may have us gasping for the right answer to each question. They come thick and fast so thinking on your feet in real-time could show you the holes in your apparent knowledge. Final Fantasy 15 could help your child to think on their feet because you have to control forces that are in units. Each unit is independent and has their own special strengths and weaknesses. Strategy games that are played online are the new form of chess. Balance is very important to game developers so the game is purely based on your ability to think clearly and rationally, while battle is going on. It's also fun to look at as the artistic style and graphics are awesome as with all the FF series games. Imagine the potential you could unlock from within your child if you introduced to them these kinds of strategy games. Their actions and their style come through with each move. They learn to apply their game strategy to real life endeavors too.

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