Giving up the game. When do you need to cut your losses in marriage

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 It's something we all grapple with in an emotional sense. We all have issues in relationships, but there are certain times when it gets too much. We can feel like we have to stay with someone because we've given them so much of our lives but when the time is up and you have to cash in your chips, it can be difficult to know the signs. But when do you actually need to cut your losses in a marriage or a long-term relationship?

Here are a few things to consider.

There Are Other People Out There.
We feel like we're in a bubble when in a relationship, but there is a point when that bubble becomes a bit too stifling. There comes the time when you begin to realize there are other people out there, other people that will treat you better than your partner!

 You're In Denial No doubt your friends can see it, but you can't. If you are denying to yourself that everything is going wrong, and you're working hard to make it better, but it's beyond the point of no return, denial can be one of those emotions that is hard to accept. It seems that we can justify a lot to ourselves so you don't have to do the inevitable, but we need to trust our gut instinct, and this is something we ignore a lot of the time. You need to listen to your true feelings, as opposed to pushing them down.

 You Are Unhappy Not only this, but you are more unhappy than you are actually happy. Yes, we all experience bad times throughout the course of a relationship, but if you find yourself feeling negative about everything, not just the relationship, you need to ask yourself if it's the relationship that's dragging you down. We all experience these things from time to time, but if your emotions consist of unhappiness and it's not to do with your career, or any other life problem, it's time to address these issues head-on.

 What Are Your Options? How long is a piece of string? Because you have issues in your relationship, you may want to make it work, by marriage counselors and the like, or if you have both worked hard at the relationship to make it work, but it's still a lost cause,  it's time to find a lawyer that is sympathetic to your needs. There are numerous divorce lawyers that have been through this a million times before, and it can be a very painful process, but if you have the right person to help mediate the issues, it will make for a more honest and transparent separation.

 Ending a relationship doesn't mean admitting you're a failure, it really means that you were not compatible, and even though you tried hard, there are times when it is so unhealthy for you that you need to give up the ghost and walk away.
This is very difficult to come to terms with, but at the very end, it is for the best, for your mental and physical health.

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