Self Service: The Easy Ways To Introduce Self-Care Into Your Life

Sometimes as a mom and a wife we spend so much time serving the others in our family that caring for 
ourselves can be way down the list of priorities. However, this can cause a problem for you and your loved ones, 
because if you don't look after yourself, you won't be in the best position to take care of their needs either. 
What this means that self-care should be seen as at least as valuable as the thing you do for everyone else! 
With that in mind, in the post below you will find a primer on some simple method of self-care that you can 
introduce to your life straight away. Keep reading to find out more.

Self-care for moms is vital!

Alone time

It is well known that people that sit further across on the introversion part of the personality spectrum need time 
on their own to rest, recharge, and be happy in their lives. However, no matter whether you are a pure introvert 
or an extrovert you will need at least a little time entirely without others in your life each day.  

Of course, for a busy mom, this can seem almost impossible. After all, when the kids are young, you are lucky 
if you get to go to the loo on your own! However, to improve the self-care that you are providing yourself, it can be 
beneficial to introduce a little alone time into each day.

It may be that you do this while your little one is having a nap or is at school. Alternatively, you may wish to wait 
until your OH is home and they can take care of the kids while you have your alone time? Just be sure to include a 
short amount of this regularly to ensure you are as happy and healthy as possible in life.

Girls’ time

Another very healthy way of offering yourself some self-care is to ensure that you get occasional breaks from 
being mom and wife. One fun way to do this is to get together with your friends and have some girls' time.

Now, what you do in this time is entirely up to you, as long it's its fun. You may wish to go to the mall and do a 
little shipping and catch up over a coffee? It may be that you are craving a fancy dinner out or even a few glasses 
of wine and a little dancing|? Just be sure to pick something that allows you to
 let off a little steam and then return
 back to your mom and wife role refreshes and enthused.  

Date time

Now, another essential element of self-care is giving your wife - husband relationship some time and attention. 
After all, it's pretty hard to be the best wife and mother is you are feeling neglected, ignored, or even under 

Luckily, regular date nights can help to eliminate these issues, and it also gives you an excellent opportunity to 
connect on a one to one level and ensure that the emotional intimacy of your relationship is still healthy and robust.

Once again you are free to choose any date that you and your SO will find fun, but a meal out, catching and film 
and going for dinner afterwards can work well. Alternatively, you could try something more adventurous like 
going to paintball, heading out into nature for a hike or a camping trip, or even taking up a new hobby together 
such as fencing or sailing.

Spiritual nourishment

They say that man cannot live or bread alone, and what they mean here is that sometimes even when our 
physical needs are met, we still yearn for fullness in a spiritual way. In fact, spirituality is an excellent way of 
promoting self-care in our lives as wife and mothers, and there are plenty of things that we can do to encourage 

It may be that you are already parts of a church or organized religious group and so making time to attend 
meetings, and connect with others in the congregation is an excellent way of showing care for yourself. 
However, do remember that even if you don't see yourself as a religious person there are still plenty of spiritual 
activities you can get involved with that will feed this side of your nature.

In particular, why not go for something a bit more new age or alternative and find a yoga class that emphasizes
 the spiritual aspects of the practice? Then, there are other approaches such as astrology and numerology that 
offer spiritual understanding and advice for when you feel stuck in life. In fact, in the latter, you can find out about 
all sorts of things like why 444 has a spiritual meaning, and why you regularly see specific numbers occurring in
 your life. Something that makes it a great way of embracing a level of spirituality as a method of self-care.

Physical nourishment

Of course, physical nourishment has vast importance in self-care as well, and when you are we busy mom, it can 
be super tough to feed your body in a way that is healthy.

In fact, many moms end up eating scraps from their children plates, drinking heavily caffeinated beverage to give
 them a little pep, or reaching for products jammed packed full of refined sugar to get them through another day.

However, it can be the most caring thing we can do for ourselves to change our diets and embrace a more 
nutritious and holistic way of feeding our bodies.

To do this, some folks like to opt for whole food only. What this means is that they steer clear of ready-made 
items and things that contain refined sugars and hydrogenated oils.

The concept behind this is that whole food is more nutritionally dense and so feeds the body more effectively. 
Many people also believe that whole food is more natural, so the body can better absorb it and therefore it does 
not cause the harm that processed items can. All of which can contribute to a sense of well-being and health,
 something that is a vital part of self-care.

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