Patio Designs Your Family Will Enjoy

You’re planning on designing your patio, where the whole family can enjoy a relaxing time and have
some fun, but you’re unsure how to begin the project. On top of that, there are numerous home-
improvement trends which can help create a beautiful and inviting space, but not all of them can be
incorporated into your home design. So, in order to help you, we have singled out our top suggestions
for a quality family patio design. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Quality landscaping

First things first, you can’t expect people to have a great time in your patio area if it’s overgrown in
weeds and tall grass. Therefore, it’s highly recommendable to hire professionals who can turn your
neglected backyard into a luxurious looking one. These professionals will plant bushes, flowers, and turn
this part of your home into a true work of art. Additionally, if you want to add a personal touch to it, feel
free to express your creativity and paint the flower pots together with your children. Lastly, nothing
makes a patio more inviting than beautiful patio accessories  like chic ornaments, or a dazzling fountain.

Lighting options

Choosing the right lighting options is not an easy feat, but luckily we know just the right ones which will
add a unique flare to this exterior part of your home. You can start by setting the mood with colourful
flood lights which can create a wonderful atmosphere for garden parties, and can be easily hidden
within all the greenery in the backyard. Furthermore, more and more homeowners are deciding to
diffuse light fixtures with LED bulbs for the exterior since they create a warm and natural feeling without
casting strong shadows.

Bringing the outdoors inside

If you need privacy but still want to have a good time with your family in a natural setting, feel free to
bring the outdoors inside. In case you like this idea, make sure to invest in glass walls or window panels
since these will be perfect for the construction of your indoor patio. Nowadays, the majority of
homeowners are also deciding to connect their interior with the patio by using the amazing timber sliding doors because they add elegance, and are extremely practical. You can make the room feel more
outdoorsy by installing a carpet which resembles fake grass, and bring in small potted trees like dwarf
palms and ferns. Lastly, if you want to turn this area into a true family-friendly spot, you can add a pool
table, a ping-pong table, or a pinball machine to your indoor patio and thus turn it into a super-fun game
room. However, if you are more of a movie enthusiast, don’t hesitate to alter it into your own little
private cinema.

Sustainable patio materials

When it comes to the choice of building materials for the patio, you might choose to speak to a paver patio specialist about going for sustainable solutions, as this will provide you with a durable and eco-friendly design alternative.  For example, you can create cohesion between different elements with a gravel path which can lead from your backdoor to your amazing patio. On top of that, sustainable decking made from recycled plastic is becoming a new trend in exterior design since it’s resistant against all weather conditions, insects and rot. Finally, if your kids love having their friends over, you can build them a sandbox or a play set from wood which wasn’t chemically treated and place it in the corner of your patio.

Patio furniture

Last but not least, you can’t spell modern stylish patio design without high-end patio Patio furniture. When you want to create a relaxed environment where the family can come and gather during the day, don’t forget to add a patio lounge and bean bag chairs. Additionally, if  you have trees, you can hang a hammock. This is perfect for when you want to curl up with your favorite book, or simply bask in the sun the whole day. Lastly, for homeowners who love to organize dinner parties outside, and who have a patio made entirely out of rock, opting for a stone dining table is a must-have since it adds to the natural feel of the whole arrangement.
As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to create a wonderful modern patio where the whole family can come to relax and have a great time. All you need to do is follow your creative design instincts and not hesitate to contact professionals for help. Good luck with your patio project!

About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living.
Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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