Bad health habits of the present day

Recently, the improvement in health care around the world has been astronomical. There are countries where advancements need to go further, but the care in the developed world is pretty spectacular. Whereas once infection was a death sentence, now it’s something hospital staff dismiss with antibiotics. There is no doubt that the world has moved on health-wise in the last decade.

It’s not all been rainbows and picnics, though. As society has changed, it has brought about new habits which are pretty unhealthy. Granted, no one is going to die from a simple graze but the following can have a long-lasting effect.

Binge Watching TV

Ever since Netflix took off, people enjoy nothing more than chilling in front of the TV watching television series. There is even a phrase for it – Netflix and chill. Unfortunately, the act of sitting on one’s ass all day leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Reasons for this being a problem range from a high risk of obesity to developing diabetes. However, the one thing that scares everyone is the mental health aspect. Alzheimer’s services encourage people to read and challenge the brain on a daily basis. Because of the ease of access to streaming services, this is difficult to do on a regular basis.

Eating Junk Food

Unhealthy meals have been around for decades. Fast food joints were the staple of the family home back when they didn’t realize the dangers. It was like smoking but healthier. Eating junk food exists today, but it seems as if there is a rise in the phenomenon. Why? It’s because of delivery services. Back in the good old days, people had to drive at least or walk to a restaurant. Now, the only active part is picking up the phone and leafing through the menu. Today, it is a once-a-week thing rather than a special treat.


There is no better feeling than boarding a plane and jet-setting to a new part of the world. It’s amazing to take the edge off and sit on the beach with a cocktail in hand. And, the weather is so good that it obliterates all of the thoughts of gloomy wind and rain. But, with one hand God giveth and with another, He taketh away. Because traveling is commonplace in 2018, so is sunburn. A lobster red complexion is embarrassing but it’s also dangerous as too much UV leads to skin cancer. Sadly, dodgy products can mean you’re not protected when you think that you are.


Mobile devices give off a small amount of radiation. It’s nothing dangerous such as the disaster in Chernobyl but it’s quite a lot over an extended period. Radiation changes cells and distorts the body, and we’re using these devices more and more. It’s almost impossible not to see a sea of cell phones and tablets when you walk down the street or use public transport. As a result, there could be a risk of a high exposure to the C-word.

Are there any more to add to the list?

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