How to Feel More Confident and Healthy in 2018

It’s common knowledge that taking care of our health is important. But do we ever really think about why? If our health begins to fail, it can affect a number of aspects of our lives. From relatively minor issues like the common cold to issues that can affect our physical and mental health like hair loss, loss of libido, and even bad skin. Here are steps you can take to combat these issues and get back to living your best life.

Make Sleep & Fitness A Priority
If you do not get an adequate amount of sleep at night, you become more prone to feeling stressed and irritable. According to Healthline, getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night can actually reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. It is also important to avoid caffeine after 3 pm and adopt a before-bed routine that helps your body and mind become relaxed. For some, meditation, decaf tea, or a hot shower before getting into bed often do the trick.

We’ve all heard how important exercise is in maintaining our health, but it can be difficult to fit a routine into daily life. One proven way to make time for exercise is to attach it to an already existing habit. Most people find it helpful to include some sort of 20 to 30-minute exercise within their morning routines. If exercise becomes part of an already existing routine, it is far more likely to happen on a daily basis. Not only will regular physical activity help you feel good mentally, but it also reduces your risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.  

Treat Hair Loss & Loss of Libido

What if good sleep and exercise aren’t enough? For some, health issues such as hair loss and loss of libido occur early in life, often causing stress and embarrassment. However, it’s important to understand these problems are normal and shouldn’t be ignored. The American Hair Loss Association actually states that by the age of 35, two-thirds of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. Roughly fifty-two percent of men experience erectile dysfunction by age 40, and thirty percent of women experience loss of libido at some point in life.

These aren’t easy topics for people to talk about, primarily for fear of being judged. It can be difficult to sit in a doctor's office and confess intimate details about your life and health. This is why health lifestyle companies like Hims have changed the way we deal with these issues entirely. They allow you to consult with one of their doctors online, not face-to-face. If you end up deciding medicine is the route for you, they’ll send it right to your door. For example, Hims offers hair loss solutions, like prescription finasteride and DHT shampoo. It’s important to remember you don’t have to let these issues impact important aspects of your life. There are countless solutions for hair loss and sexual health for men and women out there, we just have to be willing to look.

Improve Your Diet

There are plenty of changes you can make to your everyday life to keep your body healthy. Eat a balanced diet in addition to your daily exercise. Foods like fish, fruits, and nuts all contain essential nutrients that can reduce your risk of heart disease. Many health experts tout the benefits of a mediterranean diet to improve your health and work a lot of vegetables and lean proteins into your diet.  These foods have also been known to lower your risk of cancer, adding yet another benefit to eating healthy.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to listen to our bodies. It often tell us when something is wrong. It is important to help your body help you. With a New Year almost upon us, now is the perfect time to take a pledge to pay more attention to our health so we can live our best lives.

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