4 home trends to watch out for in 2018

Your home is your palace, and as the Queen (or King, whichever) of your palace, you need to feel regal and royal when you walk through each room. This feeling usually comes about when you have a home that is up to date, comfortable and ready to welcome you and your guests into it. A house that is half-finished, unplanned and falling into disrepair does not feel or look palatial, and so you need to get planning to make your house feel on point in 2018.
For this, you need to be looking at the trends that are ahead of you! It is all about the warm shades and textures that are thick and rugged this year, rather than the minimalist steel-tones we are all used to seeing. Those plain white walls you’ve been sporting? It’s time to warm them up with earthy tones and concrete accents. There is still an awareness of being economical and environmentally-friendly with interior and exterior design, so don’t let go of that economical sprinkler design for your back yard or the extra built-in composter for the kitchen you’ve had your eye on. You just need to know which trends will be right for your home in the coming months. We’ve put together four of the trends to watch for in 2018, so get your Pinterest search bar ready – you’ve got some changes to make!
  • Colour Happy. There is a big trend in 2017 for white, chrome and sharp edges in the kitchen. It’s all about uniformity and while uniformity is beautiful in its simplicity, it’s time to get colour happy. Adding warmth to a cool palette is the next big thing in kitchen design, so swap out the painted cabinets for warm mahogany tones and throw in some neutral shades of grey.
  • Sink Down. While we’re on the topic of kitchens, let’s look at those sinks. Chrome, steel and metallic sinks are out, while stone, concrete and granite composite are very much in. It’s all about the textures you can add to your space.
  • Smell The Roses. Moving onto the rest of the house, you may be excited to hear that florals are finally making a comeback. The older prints often get a bad view, thanks to the ‘grandma’ curtains and carpets of the ‘70s. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go back forty years to be on trend. Bold, gold and oversized flowers are all in for 2018 giving a floral spritz a modern twist.
  • Calm The Drama. Last year, bedrooms were cited to be bold, bright and beautiful. This year, it’s all about serenity in the palette you choose. Moving away from black and raspberry contrasts and into pale pastels and blonde wood, 2018 is going to bring your bed space more peace than before.
There are so many trends ahead for 2018, and if you want your home to be on point and ready to welcome people in an impressive way, then you need to be ready!

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