7 cool pieces of kitchen tech everyone needs in their home

I love kitchens. They’re such a cool part of your home, and there’s so much you can do to make it a really awesome place. Plus, there’s been so many cool pieces of kitchen tech released in the last year, meaning you can turn yours into a modern masterpiece.

I’ve done some searching and come up with a list of the top seven pieces of kitchen tech you need to buy right now.

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A Digital Tracker

When you think of a digital tracker, you probably think about something that tracks your steps or physical activity. How does that relate to the kitchen in any way shape or form? Well, it doesn’t, because we’re on about a different kind of digital tracker. Here, we’re talking about a device that can track how long you’ve left something open for. Come on, we’ve all been there many times! You open a jar of pasta sauce or jam, then come back to it at a later date and wonder how long it’s been open for. You try and run the calculations through your head, figuring out if you will get food poisoning or not if you eat it.

With a digital tracker, you can attach a lid to the jars, and it sets a timer for you. This timer tracks how long it’s been open for, so you know when you go to use it again. It’s such a cool idea, and you can learn more about it on howmanydaysago.com. For someone like me, who often leaves things open and forgets about them, it’s so useful. You’ll never have to worry about eating things outside of their use by date ever again!

Smart Scales

You’ve heard of digital scales, but have you heard of smart scales? It feels like everything is getting smarter these days. We have smartphones, smartwatches, and now smart scales. What makes them smart? Well, they look like normal scales but come with a partner app. The idea is that you put a mixing bowl on the scales, and use the app to proceed with a recipe. The smart scale knows how much stuff you’ve put in, and tells you when to stop. In theory, this should lead to you recreating recipes perfectly, and adding in all the right ingredients!

It may not seem like a crazy high-tech thing, but it certainly makes your life easier. No longer do you have to concern yourself with finding measuring equipment for flour or sugar, etc. Just pour your ingredient, and it notifies you when enough is enough. You can save money on loads of different jugs and measuring cups by using a smart scale. What’s more, they come with loads of pre-installed recipes in the partner app that you can use on your phone or tablet. If you want to be as accurate a cook as possible, then this is a must-have for you.

Say goodbye to your gas cooker. Source

An Induction Cooktop

Gas cooktops are slowly but surely being phased out. If you still have one, then I’m sorry, but you’re old-fashioned! These days, it’s all about induction cooktops, and they’re packed full of tech to make your kitchen a lot better and more energy efficient too! The idea with a cooktop like this is that it’s powered by electricity rather than gas. Your pots and pans get heated up very quickly, and then the heat turns off automatically when they’re removed. There’s a lot of technical and sciency stuff that happens here, but we won’t go into all that. If you want to know the way induction cooktops work, then you can go to stonefryingpans.com for more info. Here, we’re just going to talk about how cool they are in your kitchen! No longer have you go to deal with a gas cooker that takes ages to light and is potentially dangerous. You’ll never have to worry about someone accidentally leaving the gas on and blowing up your house ever again!

Induction cooktops are pretty much commonplace in all new builds these days. If you don’t already have one, then it pays to get one fitted and to chuck out your old gas one. With one of these, you can cook food quicker as they heat up almost instantly, but you can also save energy. There’s minimal heat loss, meaning the pans are nice and hot, and you don’t have to wait ages for your food to cook properly. A really cool piece of kitchen tech that you should think about getting your hands on.

A Smart Thermometer

Carrying on this trend of smart things, you should also get your hands on a smart thermometer. Cooking meat is one of the toughest things to do in the kitchen. When you cook chicken, it needs to be 100% cooked through and piping hot. But, if you overcook it, you will dry it out and ruin the taste! When cooking beef, you might want it a bit rare in the middle, or risk overcooking it. Finding the perfect time to cease cooking is tough, and it normally comes down to the temperature of the meat. Most people have no idea what these temperatures are, so a lot of guesswork is involved.

However, with a smart thermometer, you can use a digital thermometer hooked up to an app that tells you when your meat is ready. No matter what you’re cooking, it will have preset figures where it alerts you when you can stop cooking. For chicken, it tells you when it’s reached the peak temperature, and you know your food is cooked through. For things like beef, it has different temperatures for different preferences; rare, medium rare, medium, and well done. It makes life so much easier and takes the guesswork out of cooking!

Let a smart speaker provide assistance. Link

A Smart Speaker

Yes...another smart device! I’m sorry that everything has smart before it, as it makes the  list seem repetitive. But, there’s no real way around it because all this cool kitchen tech is so helpful for everyone! A smart speaker is something like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. It’s a little speaker you can talk to and get it to do things for you. You can be cooking away and tell your speaker to create a new shopping list and add ingredients to it. Or, you can tell it to play music to have a little bop along to while you prepare a meal.

It doesn't matter how you use this smart speaker, all that matters is that it makes life in the kitchen more fun and practical. You don’t need to wipe your hands to do certain things, you can talk to the speaker, and it will do it for you. For things where you tell it to make you a list, it will save the list to your phone or tablet automatically too! So, when you’re done cooking, you can pick up your phone and have the list ready for your big shop. The two devices I mentioned are the most popular ones around at the moment. I don’t know which one is better, but over on techhive.com, they provide more information.

A Funky Fridge-Freezer

Some fridges can be very boring and include absolutely no cool features at all (pun not intended!). Then, you have state-of-the-art fridges packed full of technology and loads of great features to help improve your kitchen space. With a funky modern fridge, you have something that gives you loads of storage space, including compartments with special temperature settings. There are some fridges out there with special areas for meats and produce, with settings to make these areas a different temperature to the rest of the fridge. The idea here is that you keep certain things at certain temperatures that keeps them fresher for longer.

Of course, you also have fridges with extra features like an ice dispenser. This provides added functionality to your kitchen and gives you instant ice when you need it. A fridge-freezer is a must too, you can’t be dealing with two separate things - combine it into one appliance.

Boiling water? From a tap?! Image

Instant Boiling Water Tap

Finally, we have something I’m very excited about and want in my house as soon as possible. An instant boiling water tap is exactly what you think it is; a tap that provides instant boiling water. No longer will you have to wait for your kettle, you can pour boiling water into a cup of coffee straight from the tap.

Is this essential? Not really. Is it super cool and high-tech? Uh, absolutely! I think it’s a cool addition to your kitchen, and it will certainly wow any guests you have round the house.

With all these cool things in your arsenal, you’ll have the best kitchen around. Not only will it look cool, but it will also function a lot better, and make cooking so much easier for you. The only slight problem is that you might enjoy being in your kitchen so much that you never leave it. So, please remember to take breaks and go to other parts of your house as well!


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