The winter garden care guide

It may be chilly outside, it may even be snowing, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do in and around the garden. Quite the contrary in fact, as the winter can be a time both for beauty in your outdoor space, as well as an opportunity to get ahead for the coming months. Read on to find out more.

Winter flowering plants

If you expect to look out of your window and see nothing but depressing bare branches empty beds, then the following winter flowering plants and evergreens can be a real treat.

Winter Honeysuckle with it's is a popular winter flowering plant with a beautiful scent, and it’s quite hardy too so can exist outside even if the temperature drops. Then there is the gorgeous Poinsettia, famous for its flame red flowers, although in the fact it comes in all sorts of different colors and patterns. Also to be considered is the Polyanthus as it can add a little color to a barren outdoor space.

Poinsettias make the perfect colorful addition to a barren winter garden. Picture link

Winter garden preparation

Winter is also an excellent time to get the garden area prepared for the coming spring. There usually two parts to this preparation. The first is that you will actually need to take the time to clear any rubbish or clutter that you no longer want in your garden, providing you with a clean slate for when the weather starts to warm. Of course, you cannot dig anything out while the ground is frozen so that must be put off until later.

The second phase is that you will need to get the tools, equipment and materials needed to manicure the garden and plant new items ounce spring has sprung. To do this ensure that you not only have the seeds, compost, and fertilizer that you need to crack on with your planting as soon as spring arrives but you also that you have the right garden gadgets too.

In particular, a lawn mower is essential to keep the grass neat and tidy, once it starts to grow quickly again. A chainsaw is another bit of kit that is pretty important too, as this can be used to trim down hedges and even tree branches that are getting out of hand. Of course, using and maintaining a chainsaw is a pretty specialized thing so check out this guide on chainsaw file sizes for repairs. You can even find a chainsaw safety guide on the same site to ensure you can get up to speed before the spring in how to operate such a piece of equipment in a safe manner.  

Winter evergreens

Of course, it's not just the plants that are important in a winter garden,  but the trees and shrubbery too. To this end consider planting Norway Spruce or Scots Pine before the winter period, as they will stay lush and green even during the harshest weather.

Hedges and garden borders made from Box shrubs and Mahonia are also popular due to their rich shade of green. To care for the latter ensure that you provide mulch around the base of the plant, and this should provide you with an attractive winter garden that you can enjoy for the whole season.

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