Face your (Gym) Fears

I am sharing a part of my life here today that I have never shared with anyone because for me it is a scary time that I went thru and I still deal with it. it is Intimidation when going to the gym to work out. 

I would love nothing more then a gym membership and work out and be in shape like all the other friends I have, some days I feel like I am fat and the other people at the gym watch me and think to them selves, why is she here or she has a lot of working out to do. 

One day my husband came home and said his work gave him a 6 month gym pass for him and I, I was like I am not going, there is no way I can go, I wont know anyone there etc. We went and picked up some gym clothes and packed our bags but I still was really backward and did not want to go... 

His co worker was teaching the class and the moves that he was teaching really scared me but I pushed thru and I made it, I went a few other times since that night, each time it would get easier and easier, it is ok to ask for help if you dont know how to use a machine, it is ok to strike up a conversation with the person on the treadmill beside you, I currently do not have a membership but I really think I may get one and in the new year use it. 

What about you, how do  you feel with going to the gym? 

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