Be The Ultimate Outdoor Ho-Ho-Hostess!

The party season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit the fun to indoors! When it comes to setting the scene for your outdoor gathering, there are more things to consider than some string lights and great music. With a little planning, there’s no reason why you shouldn't  take the celebrations into the great outdoors!
Chill Out in Your Chairs
If you are looking to ensure your guest's comfort, you will have to do better than plastic chairs and blankets. Consider if you would be as proud to show off the quality of your outdoor furniture as you would if you were inside admiring your upholstery choices. When investing in great furniture, go for dining sets & outdoor sofas that you can enjoy all year round. It makes economic sense to choose a material that can survive all the elements such as rattan. Furniture made from this sturdy stuff looks just as impressive in the middle of winter as it does at the height of summer, just make sure to pack the cushions away to avoid wear and tear and any nasty mould.
Feel the Festive Glow
Nothing ends a party quicker than frostbite, so make sure you consider the cold. You want the ice sculpture to be the only frozen centrepiece, not your ageing Aunt! If you're going to capture the warmth of the season then investing in outside heaters is a subtle way to raise the temperature in your garden. You could choose a mini bonfire or firepit, or extend the warmth using a patio heater. The choice is varied but visiting sites such as radiantpatioheater.com could give you some useful ideas. However you choose to do it, your guests will gravitate towards the heat so plan your seating around it. (Image)
WInter Warmers
Great food is imperative and its what most partygoers will talk about the most. Warm your guests from the inside out with some warm and tempting treats. Keep it simple; you don't want to be stuck in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying your soiree. Hot dogs and burgers can be upgraded to suit the weather by providing bowls of steaming chilli or melted cheese. Perhaps baked potatoes would tempt the taste buds and can be cooked in advance then kept warm in the coals of a firepit, once wrapped in aluminium foil. You can then offer fillings such as grated cheese, baked beans, or pulled pork. These tasty ‘taters will undoubtedly help to add warmth to any festive feast!
Toastie Toasts
The drinks are just as important, if not more so than the food when it comes to creating a party that will keep your guests talking until well after New Year's Eve. (Image)
If you fancy yourself a bit of an aficionado in the shaker department, perhaps set up a mobile bar and make moves that Tom Cruise himself would be proud of! This can be as simple as throwing a tablecloth over a secured workbench and perhaps inviting your guests to make their own, even naming one after the winner of the most popular cocktail. Remember though; this will have a significant impact on how much booze you need to provide so worth considering. You can, of course, make your own. By merely adding cranberry or orange juice to glasses of fizz can give it a wintery feel or stick to the classics and provide your guests with a steaming mug of mulled wine. Don't forget the cinnamon stick!

A great get-together doesn’t need walls, so grab your gloves and take it outside!

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