Patience is a virtue when it comes to Christmas with kids

Any parent will know that Christmas becomes just that bit extra special when there are little ones around to celebrate it with. Sure, heading out for Christmas drinks with work pals can be fun and a mug of mulled wine by the fireside can help you to feel content and relaxed. But nothing quite compares to a child’s excitement at the thought of elves making and wrapping their gifts and Santa Claus delivering them on his reindeer-drawn sleigh. However, when it comes to Christmas with kids, one golden rule rings true: patience is a virtue. When children get excited, they often get hyperactive and can begin unintentionally causing a scene or making small tasks a little more difficult to complete and much more time consuming. But be patient! They are only expressing their joy and at the end of the day, while things might not get completed in as fast or as neat a manner as what you’re used to, you will build wonderful memories along the way. Here are a few areas that may test you and a few tips and tricks to help you through them.


While you might like to invest in a child minder or child care while you pick up your kid’s presents (no more surprises being uncovered by little prying eyes and hands), you’re not going to be able to afford this every time you need to get out of the house to pick something up. Christmas shopping can also be a hugely enjoyable experience for kids, as they’ll marvel at the bright Christmas lights and extravagant window displays that fill commercial spaces at this time of year. So, make sure everyone is wrapped up warm and get ready to tackle the shops together. There may be traffic and parking lots are likely to be extremely busy. This will mean it’s going to take you a longer time to get anywhere and you may have to wait a while before finding a parking spot. But have patience! Otherwise you could find yourself hit by an unwanted and extremely inconvenient speeding or parking fine. The money needed to clear this could have been put to much better use elsewhere, and chances are that you didn’t get to your destination much faster anyway. If you find that you have received some sort of fine, you can always appeal. Learn more about this from reliable attorneys.


Say goodbye to your neat, curated tree with neatly aligned, matching decorations. The fir or artificial branches are now the realm of your little ones. They’re going to want to help turning the feature into something extra special and their taste may be a little different to yours. A sage piece of advice is to set the tree up and add the lights yourself while your little ones are otherwise distracted. This means that little fingers aren’t caught in the heavy work and the electrics are all dealt with properly. Then let them loose with the hanging decorations. Stick with sturdy and durable options that won’t smash if dropped. Or at least keep glass decorations or more fragile ornaments out of reach and closer to the top of the tree. This may all take a little longer and the centrepiece of your festivities may no longer look like the pieces of art that fill Pinterest boards. But it will have a more personal touch and you can even add decorations made by your kids themselves, adding a sentimental touch to the overall affair.

While having kids can make processes take a little longer, it also makes the entire Christmas experience more rewarding. So have a little patience and let your hair down! It’s time to enjoy yourself.

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