Almost blue. Ways to enjoy miserable January

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Once the festivities of Christmas have faded away, it feels like there's nothing to look forward to, and we have that dreaded hinterland of January to muddle through. Of course, January is one of those months where the weather is terrible, we have no money, and the television schedule is back to normal. So, how can we enjoy our miserable January?

Have A Party
You might feel that your belly (and liver) is full from all the festivities over December, but you have so much leftover cheese, wine and soft drinks, that you may as well have a party to use them up! Set up a buffet table, or if your budget allows, order some food in. Choose Illiano’s authentic Italian recipes for the best catering at your home or their restaurant if you have leftover Christmas money and you want to venture out. Remember, every public service is desperate for custom in January, so they are willing to slash their prices. So if you can't bear the idea of having people making a mess in your home, head out!

Start A Hobby
We can feel so bored during January because we have no money, or everything is tied up in vouchers, that we can't even go outside. So this may be time for you to start that hobby you've been thinking about for so long. Maybe you should start that book, learn that instrument, or do that thing that everybody says they plan on doing in January, and get fit. The great thing about these things now is that you can get free resources online. So, you don't need to venture out to the bookshop, music shop, or gym.

Have Duvet Days
If the weather outside is frightful, make the most of the cozy atmosphere and get through that box set, or line up your favorite funny films to take your mind off the terrible weather. In fact, having a few duvet days scattered across January might be what the doctor ordered, because it gives you that opportunity to relax and fully recharge from the busy December. It's the perfect opportunity to watch some shows that you haven't had the opportunity to get through, or cuddle up with your loved one, or just sleep! It feels like a wonderfully lazy day when you go to the couch, get a duvet, and stay there all day.

Book A Weekend Break
We might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the preparation we had to do for Christmas, so a weekend away might be exactly what you need to get back on an even keel. This can be a bit of a financial expense, but there are travel firms that can offer you weekend deals, but you may want to undertake a journey somewhere that's in the middle of nowhere so you can decompress from the busy Christmas period.

January doesn't have to be a miserable month, but for most people, the lack of finances makes it a month long hangover. So, get creative and think of some handy ways to enjoy the month.

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