Evaluating Living Options for Elderly Parent

It can be a very challenging thing to see your parents become elderly and frail,
particularly when they are struggling to live independently anymore.
On many occasions, the decision falls with the family as to whether or
not they can continue living in their home. If the answer is no,
you need to know what options you have available to you.
Though the decision is never going to be an easy one, there are a few
ways that you can make it a little less challenging which we will talk about here.

Planning is Crucial
You will already be well aware that this is not a decision to be taken lightly,
and things tend to go much more smoothly in life when you have a clear plan in place.
Research all the different options that are available to you in as much detail as possible,
you can also try a senior housing consultant to help you find the perfect place for your loved one.
When it comes to making a decision, you will then be in the strongest position to
choose the option which is best for your parents.

Understand Your Options

There are several different options to choose from when it comes to the type of facility you want to live in (or send a loved one to). As the population continues to age, new assisted living communities like Whisper Woods are springing up year on year. Other times an independent living community or a mix between the two might be suitable, especially if your loved one expresses they desire their own independence but it's clear they need a helping hand every now and then.

All individuals have different requirements, so you need to look closer at the
medical conditions of your loved one to decide what level of care would best suit them.
The living arrangements that you settle on should be best for the senior's current and
future needs. You don’t want to end up with them having to move several times
which is a very stressful experience. Of course, you don’t have a crystal ball so
you never really know what the future is going to bring -
you just have to prepare as best you can.

Independent Living Facilities

These usually include a mix of residential settings where seniors can retain
complete autonomy while having options for plenty of contact with people in the
same situation. They often have on-site staff members who
provide some supervision for safety reasons.
Many offer recreational activities, amenities and social events.

Assisted Living Facilities    
Assisted Living Finder facilities are staffed with trained professionals who assist or supervise residents
in private apartment settings.
The level of care is very much dependent on the needs of the individual.
Many seniors tend to be resistant at first but end up enjoying their new
situation which provides a balance between independence and care.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

These provide the highest level of care for people who need it the most with
24/7 availability of trained medical personnel. Of course, these are the last resort for
many people but they are necessary for people who have the most complex medical needs.

So, there you have a brief overview of some of the different options available to
seniors who can no longer live alone in case you find yourself in this situation
with your own parents.   

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