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Are you struggling to find new and exciting ways to promote your business? While most people go for the typical marketing methods, the explainer video is one that appears to be a bit of a gamble in some circles. But what is a business explainer video? Put simply, it's a video that explains your product or service in a minute or two. It's a very concise approach to getting new customers on board and can be a refreshing way to alert people to your business. But do it wrong and it can be a disaster, so how do you get it right?

Get The Script Right
For any video, it's always about a great structure. And in the case of an explainer video, you need to get the script perfect first. Sometimes it's best to choose someone who can explain the ideas of your company or product in a way other people can understand, so it is advisable to get someone who has nothing to do with the company to create this. By having someone unrelated to the company do this, it's going to give you a fresh and exciting angle, not just a typical video based in your office, that is thoroughly boring, which nobody wants to watch. You should pinpoint exactly what you want to detail in your explainer video, such as the elevator pitch, the benefits of the product or service, as well as addressing it to the correct target audience.

Get The Production Values Perfect
You could have a fantastic script, but if the video is made on a home camcorder or a poor quality smartphone, you're going to have difficulty in people taking you seriously. It's always advisable to get the professionals in because they will know exactly what will work and what won't. You can hire a professional camera crew, or if you know the right people and you trust their judgement, these people may be cheaper. But when it comes to the filming itself, as well as the post-production, you cannot skimp on poor production values. You are competing with other businesses, big names and small names, and if you've got competitors with better production values than you, even though they sell fewer products, you are going to have a difficult time keeping up with them.

Market Your Video!
The greatest explainer video in the world can get lost by the wayside if it's not marketed properly, and yes, although this is a key part of your marketing process, it's vital for you to push this as far as you can. Make sure you have a reputable video host, have a marketing plan in place, but also make sure the video is integrated into your website. A lot of companies put the video front and center on their webpage, and so you should too!

The best explainer videos move seamlessly with the brand, and although you aren’t looking at millions of hits on YouTube, it's still important to make sure you have a video that's short, sharp, effective, and gets everything across to encourage more sales.

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