Keeping your home safe throughout the year

As we come to the end of the year, many people will be making their New Years Resolutions. As a very pointed suggestion, why not make one of your the safety of your home? It is astounding how many homes are properly secured throughout the year, and how many people aren’t aware of the different security dangers they are exposed to at different points of the year.

You should always make sure that your home is safe by changing the locks as soon as you move into a new place, having double glazed windows instead of single - as they are harder to shatter - and having a working burglar alarm fitted inside the house. But different seasons bring with them new risks that you should be prepared for. So when heading into this new year, prepare you house for the years ahead.


The biggest risk during Spring, is an often subconscious thing that we call do; spring cleaning. When airing out the house after a long winter, many people forget to shut all the windows or lock them properly, when they leave for the day or go to bed at night. This offers a perfect opportunity for thieves. The same can be said when you begin your annual clear out and leave the belongings destined for the dump in front of the house. This advertises to potential thieves that you have a house full of lovely new things that would fetch an excellent resale price.


Much like in spring, people simply forget to close doors and windows when they leave the house or settle in for the night. It might be boiling, but you would be safer if you installed a good, reputable air conditioning unit, or ceiling fan, rather than leaving everything open. At the very least make sure you lock up the lower level of the house.


With the night’s starting to get longer, it’s a fair assumption that crime rates do too. The logic that more dark hours allows more time for thieves to operate is perfectly sound. But if it were just the lack of light that made crime rates increase, when so many people own floodlights for their yards, it wouldn’t make much sense. However, if your flood light lights up in the evening, how many people assume it’s just a cat or other creature? And a flood light is incredibly useless in a city environment. Along with your light, purchase an axis network camera, and advertise that it’s there. That way, any eager thief is caught in the act.


The thing that attracts crime in winter is the holiday that is supposed to bring people together; Christmas. With houses full of brand new gifts, and a lot of those gifts being worth a decent amount of money, it’s like a giant X on a Pirate’s treasure map. We’re not saying don’t buy gifts at Christmas, just make sure that your house is as secure as possible. Don’t advertise all your new gadgets post-Christmas either - that TV box you have popped out on the curb for the garbage men? Turn it inside out and collapse it. Stick it in the trash if you can, or take it out to the men as they come and collect your garbage so that it doesn’t have to be out on the street at all.

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