Thankful Thursday

I am linking up every Thursday from here on in and Thursday will be Thankful Thursdays
 I think we need to count our blessings each day that we wake up because truth is not everyone wakes up every morning... so each day find something you are thankful for....
I am thankful for: 
1) This man and this child

they are my entire life- i cannot think about what life was like before marriage or before Brooke- i dont even know what we did with our time...although we didnt have much time between marriage and pregnancy, but she brings me to much joy to this family. My hubby- my best friend and soul mate for life. 

2) My Church 
Every time i think there is church i get so excited because we have an amazing church here.  When we first moved we attended another but then we found this one and it is a blessing indeed

3) My parents
 from a very young age they instilled in me the love of Jesus, and took me to church every time there was an opportunity, we didnt have a lot of money growing up but they showed us love and did everything they could for us. Even know my parents are there for me when ever i need them for what ever i need them for. 

4) Cozy Scarves
My Secret Santa sent me a beautiful pink scarf, i am so in love with its coziness

5) Hot Tea- 
there is nothing that a hot tea cannot fix...
I have so many favorite's that it is hard to name them all 
but i think my most favorite is anything Chai

6) The chance to get to go home with my family and inlaws for Christmas just makes me all excited, it has been 6 mths since i saw my parents, so it will be good to be together again. 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. yay for cozy scarves!!! that was on my thankful thursday list this week too:) and i'm a big fan of hot tea... my fave is earl grey. such a great list this week! thanks for linking up and happy thursday! xoxo

  2. I am also thankful for hot tea, my husband and kids and my parents!

    Every night for grace we say what we are thankful for from the day. I think it's important to remember our daily blessings.


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