Introducing my New "Nephew"

Isaiah Harry Pearce Warren!

9:39 am

11 lbs 2oz

I love you sweet man.

My heart feels tossed in all directions today. I wanna be home to hold this little guy today. 
He is in the NICU so i would'nt be able to hold him but i wanna be there for Kristi...

Talking on the phone just isn't the same today 
I want to be there and see this little guy, hug Kristi when she is feeling down and sad because she hasnt held this little man. 

On another note, 
we leave tomorrow so blogging will be happening but i cannot tell you how often...

Please pray for travelling safety for us. 

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  1. He is cute! Congrats on the new nephew! I hope that whatever landed him in the NICU gets cleared up soon!

    On a side note- That is one big baby! He weighs more than my 3 month old does right now! I bet Mama is so happy to have him here!


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