Weekend Recap

Friday~ left my parents around 9:30 am to head to my inlaws before the storm hit....
We arrived around 11:00 am- my hubby made us brunch- waffles (his dad made the waffle mix- amazing) and he cooked bacon along with toast, coffee- was delicious.
I was fighting a headache so I took an hour nap... Father in law was then home from work and the storm had started already- we decided to have Christmas #2 with them at 2pm when my brother and sister in law arrived with neices and nephews, they are hyper but so cute.
We ate food as usual- my inlaws are amazing cooks.
They didn't stay to late because the storm was getting worst and worst. Hannah and Micah ( neice and nephew) stayed here with us for a sleepover- hannah was so interested in my knitting that I told her I'd make her a scarf.

Brooke had a breakdown at midnight because Mimzy wasn't with us she was left at my parents with Brooke's suitcase ( that we had forgotten there) long story it is in more detail in Christmas #2 story (to come)
So finally got her settled down and they went to sleep finally.

MIL woke us up at 9 am to have breakfast- she isn't a sleeper so she was ready to get life started at 9 am, while we just wanted to sleep for another little bit, but because she don't see much of us we got up and ate with them.  
They cooked scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, yogurt with coffee

FIL went to shovel some, we got a crazy storm last night, about 30 cmd, no idea what that is in inches. 
I love to shovel so i went to help him, it was very heavy snow and i didn't stay long, hubby went to help after and then we decided we would go into town to use internet and visit Bro and Sis in law, well we were crazy to go in because the roads were horrible, good thing my hubby is a good driver.  I was so tensed up the whole drive in, had to drive to the highway to meet my dad to get Brooke's suitcase and Mimzy- all is well now.  we got in and i had to go to Great Canadian Dollar Store to get some wool for a scarf for my niece., they have some very pretty wool there…so i bought a bunch and hoping to sell the scarves.  

Then hubby took me to SIL's to take care of kids while they both went to work and he went for a hair cut, i cleaned her house and did some laundry, i felt bad after because i have people in my life and if i did that it would offend them, i left her a note and told her i did it.  She is 7 mtgs pregnant and still working at a coffee shop so i hope it helped her out more then offended her.  I should have cleaned the kids rooms as well but i didn't even think of it til i was almost back to in laws.  

We went to my favourite Chinese restaurant for supper "BoJo's"- we would go there when i was growing up, i even ordered the same dish, love that place.  
Then we left to come home and the roads were treacherous 
Again i prayed all the way home and so thankful for a husband who takes his time in bad weather conditions.  Coming here to my in laws there are a lot of big hills to go up and down, so thankful we made it safely. 
I didn't realize how different life is without a cell service or internet, wow, it is quiet, we are getting some much needed family time in though which is always nice. I think we need to take more time away from electronics. 


There was no church here in town with my in laws so we went to Bishop's Falls and got to see more friends that we haven't seen in a while.  When we left my inlays the weather was beautiful, so our friends there asked us to their house for lunch and we went, around 2 pm, the snow started falling and we could see it getting worst and worst, we left right away.  Good thing we did because the roads were terrible, i had several panic attacks on the way home, Andrew is a good driver but even in this bad weather its scary.  

 very hard to see because it was while we were driving. 

My FIL made spatula when we got home ( my favourite German food ever { he is German}) We hung out a bit and chatted with my in laws, ate pumpkin pie which was soooo yummy.  Since being here i have run on the thread mill for 10 mins a day, i need it after that cooking too. 
Then we dug out the Star Trek movies.. Yes we are geeks, love Star trek.  

Time for bed, tomorrow is the annual Grothe New Year's Eve party and i cannot wait

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