Weekend Recap

My friend Faith and i haven't hung out in a while so we made plans to spend Friday together..
Brooke left for school and i got ready to hang out
she was here by 9:45 am and we left for the mall- she needed to do all her shopping, so i went with her to keep her company- i was so tired when i got back at 3 pm- our pastor needed a sitter for his 3 kids so they came over here.. I hung out with their baby girl got snuggles and we had fun.. she slept just after 7 pm.  12:30am Jaredine, Moses and Andrew got here.  Jaredine is staying until Sunday pm then back to Ontario for Christmas with her family.  Andrew is staying here for the week then he goes home on Friday.  Moses is house sitting while we are gone on vacation for 3 weeks.  Here is me and my girlie Jaredene.

speaking of him being a house sitter for us, what kinds of "reminders" should i tell him about. I already have all phone number, garbage and recycling day, where the mail box is...tell me what else do i need to tell him about

We were all so tired from the 2 am  bedtime on Friday night that we were extra lazy this morning... 
Hubby, Brooke, Jaredene and myself went grocery shopping...i don't like grocery shopping at all anymore, wish i could hire and pay someone to do it for me. While shopping Brooke kept saying her belly hurt.. i assumed it was because she didn't eat much so she got a drink and it seemed to help.  
We then went to Zellers ( like target) and looked around bc they have 70% off because they are all turning into Target. Never really bought anything except a model car for my nephew.
Went to the mall after that to pick up a throw i had wanted for someone for Christmas when i was all done shopping i realized how i didn't have one for the sweet people who allowed us to live with them for 10 days when we first got there, Now i can officially say i am 110 % done.
We came home and had to put the groceries away and i made lasagna with Caesar salad for supper- it was soo good. Brooke didn't eat much because she kept saying her belly hurt... so i let her relax. 
We went back to the mall after dinner to get Jaredene a phone battery.. no luck.  While there hubby text me and told me Brooke was puking everywhere- my poor baby got the stomach bug :( i hope she is feeling better by Friday when we leave for Newfoundland.  I hate it when she is sick it causes me to have anxiety and panic attacks. 

We met up with another friend of theirs while at the mall and he came over for nachos. Brooke hasn't been sick since, I hope it is all gone now. 
We watched ''Horton hears a who"and us girls knitted, i just learnt to knit this week and i am loving it so much.  Not making anything fancy yet though, i cannot wait until i can make hats with pretty flowers to accessorize them with because every girl loves to have pretty accessories.  

Brooke was still under the weather on Sunday morning so her and I stayed home.  
Hubby text me and said one of the ladies at church wanted to take us out for lunch, so Jaredene said she would babysit her... it was delicious food. I had omelet, fried potatoes,beans and toast- was so full.. 
After lunch we took her home and hubby and i had a big chat on the way home. 

Jaredene had to leave Sunday pm - so her and i hung out in the afternoon, we chatted and knitted a bit... 
I love her
we went to evening service and Brooke sang- was beautiful.

so proud of her. 

took Jaradene back to campus so she could head back to Ontario for Christmas.. miss her already...

here are some pictures from today 

Jaredne and Moses 

Brooke and Jaradene

Brookes awesome hair - tied in a bow- so cute 

My sweet girl and i 

Have a great Monday...this week is busy for me but ill be around when i can



  1. It sounds as if you had an eventful and challenging weekend. I am happy Brooke felt better to preform and her hair looks great.

  2. I am your newest follower found you on a blog hop. Check out my blog. Have a nice week! www.pynkkrush.blogspot.com

  3. What a weekend and glad that Brook got to perform. Cool hair!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Love the hair bow!

    I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower! Check out my blog and follow back!


  5. What a fabulous weekend! It's always fun when spent with a friend :) And I LOVE your daughter's hair bow...so pretty. Did you do it? I bet you had a wonderful time at her concert :)


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