Girl Problems

Being born a girl is the biggest blessing, and a curse at the same time. Literally every side of our life has a down fall. We get to have the joy of bringing a child into the world. Yet have to endure the pain of labor. We love fall in love harder than any male seems to have the ability to do. Yet have to go through the horrible heartache after it. Everything else in between is a roller coaster of emotions, good times and bad times, until we hit the menopause and turn into a walking, hot flushed, angry dragon. For anyone reading this, that doesn’t understand what we have to go through, here’s a little insight into our lives.

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Grade 7

This is really where we start to notice things are going to be bad. We’ve heard the rumors, but we didn’t believe them until now. This is the dreaded time of uncomfortable growth spurts, unfortunate body changes, and the dreaded period! It’s a time where you’re not really too sure what’s going on, and you spend most of the time being embarrassed. But puberty is something that everyone has to ride out. There will be spots popping up left right and center. Weight gaining where you never thought it could, and hair growing where you wished it never would. But us girls have evolved to deal with these situations. There’s so much information with regards to dealing with each stage. Some you can’t avoid. Periods will happen, and they will seem to ruin your life. But learning to cuddle up with a hot water bottle, a sad film, and plenty of paracetamol and junk food will power you through. You can read more on how to cope with periods here. You’ll also notice that with period comes the burning rage you’ll have towards pretty much every living thing. But just let it out. If your favorite ice cream isn’t in the shop and you need to rage, then rage away. The last thing you need to be doing is holding it in, and letting it out on one unwilling victim. Usually your parents or friends. Start to take an interest in a decent skin care routine to help reduce oily or spotty breakouts. Shower daily to keep yourself nice and fresh. After a few months, you’ll get used to what your body is going through, and it’ll get easier.



Possibly one of the scariest years. You’re entering an unknown world. You’ve been told throughout your junior years of the horrors of becoming a freshman. In reality, it’s really not that bad. The seniors won’t be that horrible to you, and you’ll already have a solid group of friends to help you through things. But those group of friends may be the reason for some of your darkest times in high school. If there’s one thing about girls, it’s that we know how to be vile. Sometimes we don’t realize that saying horrible things behind people’s backs actually is one of the leading causes of mental illnesses such as depression. Sometimes, it can become a form of bullying that people just don’t realize. If you’re the one being picked on in your group, to the point you’re getting too upset. Either tell them they’re taking it too far, or find another friendship group. If there’s one thing about today’s society, it’s girl power is a big thing. So if one group is being nasty, another group will be a blessing. But just know, you’re not the only one going through it. If you need more advice on how to get through it, check out this article. At least once in every girls time at high school, will a big fallout happen. It’ll seem like the end of the world, but it really isn’t. Confide in your family or even teachers, and they’ll be able to help you through it.  This is also the year where your hormonal rages are at their peak. You’ll be more confused than ever about life. Your parents will think you’ve been possessed by a devil, and it’ll probably get in the way of your school work at points too. But again, keep riding it out and rely on your friends to perk you up when you’re having a bad day.



Your final year before you jet off to college. You’ve got through the worst of puberty and slowly progress to the happiest and saddest part of growing up. Boyfriends. They’re a need we all have. Everybody wants to feel loved by somebody. Boys, more than anyone else, will most likely be flocking around you as they too have now realized girls aren’t a gross species. It’ll be the time of experimenting sexually, and hopefully practicing safe sex. Not to be that boring sex ed teacher, but one in two people will have an STD by the time they’re 25. That’s a nasty statistic. If you have ever fallen under this category, you’ll know it is an unpleasant place to be. If you’re worried you are part of this statistic right now, but are too embarrassed to go to a clinic. Safer std testing is available online if this is the case for you It’s much more confidential, but you will still have to visit a doctors for treatment. It’ll hopefully be the year where you meet your first love. The butterflies you’ll feel will compare to nothing you’ve felt before. The cute dates to the cinema, or walks in the park. You’ll get to really know the ins and outs of them.  The horrible fall outs and nights spent hugging a pillow sobbing. It’s something we will all go through, but you’ll come out stronger each and every time. It’s the year of your senior prom, where you’ll either hoping to become prom queen, or hoping you don’t have to go at all. It’ll be a night to remember for the rest of your life and is the scary doorway to an unknown future.

Those issues are just some of the reasons why being a girl sucks but is great at the same time. For any boys reading this, I hope you now understand what we have to go through. Being a girl is definitely harder, but that’s why we’re stronger!

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