The Promise of a Letter- Book Review

This is the second book in The Amish Novels Series, and just as good as the first, in fact the people we learned to love are right here.
I adore it when a book continues with the folks we lived with in the first book, and this one will warm your heart. Phoebe and Jalon are now married and expecting a baby, and Leanna is working for Daniel, fixing motors, she is not a girly girl.
We catch up with Daniel and Barbara, and your heart will break for them. A very sad happening is a catalyst for bringing Roman back to Birch Creek, Ohio, and a reunion with Leanna, and if you are familiar, they were like oil and water.
Be ready to be absorbed into the Amish life in this community, whether you are sitting down for dinner, or playing in the yard with the children, and living their faith. The community has their share of gossips and like everywhere; they spread their damage by words, and we see how all are affected.
Forgiveness and trusting God to make your path in life are strong themes in this story. Daniel and his brother Roman had a rough childhood and many hard feelings between them, but a letter from their grandmother asking them to reconcile tugged at their hearts. Leanna was not your typical Amish woman, and figured she would never get married. Roman had always rubbed her the wrong way. But God had his own plan and things started to change.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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