Wedding Planner- Yes or No?

Wedding Planner: Yes or No?

Planning your own wedding is a real rollercoaster ride. One moment, you’re feeling all the thrills and excitement, while the next, you’re completely stressed out and exhausted. Before you know it, you’re thinking about eloping with your partner and skipping all the pre-wedding drama. I remember it was a big decision for me and my husband, since we are all about the personal approach, yet we were no professionals. While some choose to deal with this completely on their own, others decide to hire a wedding planner and leave everything to them. This makes knowing which wedding band to use, or what caterers (whether that's wedding catering County Durham way or companies elsewhere) to do the food, a much easier decision. However, this isn’t an easy decision to make because even hiring a professional planner has its pros and cons. Here is what I’ve learned in the process: 

Pro: Less stress

Planning a perfect wedding requires paying attention to detail, multitasking and almost being at two places at once. It goes without saying that this comes with a lot of stress for the bride and groom who should be enjoying this beautiful process. Wedding planning becomes even more challenging, exhausting and stressful if you don’t have any experience in planning such an event. It all fades away when you hire a wedding planner who will deal with details, obstacles and challenges, leaving you to simply feel the wedding euphoria.

Con: Less control

On the other hand, hiring a wedding planner means leaving someone else in charge of your wedding. If you’re going to overlook everything, there’s really no point in hiring someone else to do the job. People who enjoy being in control might find it a bit difficult to relinquish it, especially when it comes to such an important event.

Pro: Insider knowledge

Whether you’re getting married in another city or your hometown, wedding planners know the market and have a lot of insider knowledge. They know reliable vendors and suppliers and have a web of associates who can give them plenty of discounts. If you decide to plan your wedding on your own, you’ll need to find out who are trustworthy vendors first, while planners can contact them directly.

Con: Extra expense

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, hiring a wedding planner will just bring additional costs. Professional wedding planners provide their services at a high price, so hiring them might be over your budget limits. Therefore, it’s better if you ask your friends and family members to help you or start early and plan your wedding yourself.

Pro: Innovative ideas

Professional wedding planners have a lot of experience in the field and can offer you new and interesting ideas. A planner can help you realise some of your ideas or suggest possible solutions to some of your problems. This is important if you have no experience in event planning or aren’t really interested in all that wedding conundrum. Furthermore, a planner can suggest ideas that fit into your budget more than the ones you’ve thought of yourself.

Con: Less personal

Your wedding is your big day that should reflect your personality and taste. If you leave someone else in charge, you might feel detached from the entire experience and your wedding could feel less like your own. You can miss all those little moments that you might remember for the rest of your life. Although wedding planning can be stressful and tiring, it’s also filled with the moments of intimacy, fun and excitement.

The golden mean

Whether you should hire a wedding planner or not is completely up to your style and preferences. However, if you have difficulties making the final decision, you can actually have it both. You can experience all the pre-wedding excitement by planning it yourself, but if you hire a trustworthy agency for wedding day services you will be able to enjoy your big day stress-free. This way, you’ll have someone who will take care of everything and ensure that your wedding day goes perfectly. I am sure you will find one in your home town, there are some fantastic and creative event planners in Sydney that I hired for my wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important that you carefully consider both sides of the coin to ensure that you’ve made the right decision.

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