Weekend Recap

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes.  Was'nt it just September, here we are halfway thru January. 

Friday: I had my interview at 11:00 am- it went well and i got the job as you know already. 
Friday at 6 pm- Brooke had a bible quizzing practice which means she is on a quizzing team and they practiced for their tournament. 
 It was a freezing cold day- i mean -20 ( Yes MINUS 20) , i needed to go get groceries but with it that cold, i refused to. 
Came home and hung out and did nothing. It was nice to just relax and be a family.

Saturday: There was another quiz practice at 10:30 here at our house, so no sleeping in for us, we had to get up and be ready.. woke up to lightly falling snow, it was pretty.
Decided to go grocery shopping after quizzing practice, and run some errands.
We bought so much food, we needed to stock up again because we haven't really gone since we got back from Vacation. 
I needed to mail some scarves so we did all that at Super Store( do ya know what that is), i also stopped at Zellers and Walmart for some wool to fill my newest 4 orders.
Then we were home, so much to put away, i was tired...
Jan 19 at 4 pm- the most exciting day of the year at our house
HOCKEY came back on TV- it was in a lock out and they finally resolved their greediness and went back to playing the most amazing sport in the World.
We sat as a family of 3 and watched from 4 pm- we stopped at 9 for Brooke to go to bed then we watched til 10:30 when we went to bed, I am proud to announce the Bruins won the first game of the year. Keep it up Bruins, I am proud to be a fan. 

Sunday: Sunday Morning service which we almost missed because i was feeling really lazy and didn't want to get up, i didn't even get a chance to get my hair washed or anything, i felt like a gross pig...  we brought our friends over with us for lunch (Jaredene and Levi) , she made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies you could ever imagine, they were almost all eaten before we went to church at 6 pm.
We have the most amazing church and Pastor around, i cannot express the love we have for them, they love people and they love God.
He asked me to teach the older class at Sunday School, off course i said yes :) 

I was browsing around Face book last night and came across this: It's almost like a face book version of pinterest. 

I am about to head off to bed and be rested for the first day at work tomorrow, i hope i like it alot and the day flies quickly. 

Have a great week my friends and dont forget to enter to win the Scarf of your choice.

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