Valentines Banquet

Our pastor just put me in charge of Hospitality at our church.

He wanted a Greeter list done up, also in charge of organizing and planning events.
My first even to plan is our Sweetheart Banquet.
This one makes me excited because i love anything LOVE.

So ladies, what kinds of things would you do at a Sweetheart Banquet. 
We are gonna have
1) Spagetti and garlic bread for the meal
2) men will serve the ladies
3) Play games

I need some more ideas for the games and other things to do for the evening. 

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  1. I am usually very good with this but for some reason I am drawing a blank. The only thing I can come up with is a question sheet with original pictures the couples could asks each other and see if learn something new about the other person.

  2. Wow, what a big responsibility. I have never had to plan anything like that before, so not sure I could help anyway, but good luck!

  3. We do something like this at our church but the men are in charge of planning it.
    They set up a show where they lip sync to some oldies music. Its quite comical!


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