Ok, Ok, i confess to you

I am very stressed right now because of my jobless situation

I didn't get the job i interviewed for, it has to be one of the worst feelings in the world to get the rejection ;ether...

I wish i could be a full time blogger...but that isn't happening anytime soon because i am not a writer and i don't keep my readers attention apparently.

I want my online shop to take off and i can do that full time, how great would that be... visit here http://ramblingmomma03.blogspot.ca/p/my-online-shop.html

All i think about every day, all day is I need a Job and why cant someone hire me, from all the resumes received, why cant they pick me...


  1. It will happen for you... when the right job comes along. Hang in there!

  2. I am sorry for the stress you are going through. It is very difficult to be jobless. I hope things turn around soon for you.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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